Verification of the loan application without a transfer

A significant part of loan companies verify their clients’ data using so-called verification transfers. The procedure consists of sending a symbolic amount to the lender’s bank account (usually PLN 0.01), which allows the company to check whether the data we entered in the application are consistent with the details of our bank account. However, there is another way that can soon replace a verification transfer.

The web application allows very quick verification

Of identity and customer data in 100% online. With the help of Kontomatik, the customer logs in to his bank account and the application automatically downloads all necessary data, and then transfers it to the lender. This is primarily used to authenticate customer data and assess their creditworthiness based on the history of the bank account.

It is worth mentioning that Kontomatik works only when the customer is logged in. In addition, it does not archive any data, including login data or customer data.



In this application, the borrower must also log into his bank account. Instantor downloads data from the last 12 months and creates a report based on it. Based on this, the lender checks the correctness of customer data and verifies his creditworthiness.

The tool itself is much more advanced than the previously mentioned Kontomatik. Instantor analyzes more data and creates a much more detailed report. With all this, it works 100% automatically, uses an encrypted connection and does not archive any data – so it is the most secure for the customer.

Reduction of verification time

It can be concluded that such technological solutions will only gain popularity over time. Finally, everything tends to minimize and shorten the duration of any processes or formalities related to borrowing.

For now, there is only a lack of greater confidence in such solutions, but certainly the use of such applications will eventually go to the agenda.

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