10 best wung-fu techniques for ranged combat, ranked

There are several ways for players to approach the combat system of Biomutant. Like most RPG titles, the player can create a powerful hack-and-slash melee character, they can make the gameplay more interesting by creating a mage build, or they can treat this game like a shooter title and use the different weapons in the game. rather.

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Besides the wide array of powerful weapons that the player can use in this game, there are also some ranged combat related Wung-Fu abilities that the player might not know they can use to be even more powerful. These abilities make the game’s ranged combat much more diverse and entertaining. These are the abilities of Wung-Fu that ranged construction players should unlock and use in battle.

ten Praying mantis

biomutant praying mantis

Praying Mantis is a Wung-Fu ability for basic weapon bearers. Since mobility is a must for ranged builds, the Praying Mantis ability is useful as it will allow the player to quickly fire a flurry of punches after a double jump.

Firearms aren’t the most powerful ranged weapons in the game, but they are reliable, especially at the start. This Wung-Fu ability will make weapon handling a bit more efficient in combat. This ability costs 2 upgrade points to unlock.

9 Komodo stretch

Komodo biomutant section

The Boomerang Myriad Tribe is the weapon of the Myriad tribe. It might not be the most powerful ranged weapon in the game, but it can be fun to use in some situations.

Those who like to use this weapon should use its Komodo Stretch Wung-Fu ability as it already comes with the weapon. This Wung-Fu ability will launch the player towards the boomerang location at the end of the attack chain.

8 Double-sided Cobra handle

biomutant two-sided cobra handle

The two-sided Cobra grip is an absolute must if the player wants to wield two guns. The player can unlock this ability for just 1 upgrade point. This ability makes wielding weapons much more rewarding. More weapons means more damage.

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It should be noted that this ability allows two-player players to wield two one-handed weapons only. It does not work on two handed ranged weapons such as automatic rifles.

7 Ethereal horse

biomutant ethereal horse

The Ethereal Horse Wung-Fu ability takes both player’s weapons and throws them at enemies. Not only is it humourously satisfying, but the damage it inflicts is not to be sneezed at.

Once prompted, this attack immediately queues at the end of the attack chain. This Wung-Fu ability can only be used with two-handed weapons. It can be unlocked for only 1 point of improvement. Since this ability is for two-handed weapons, the player must first unlock the Wung-Fu Two-Sided Cobra Hilt before they can access this ability.

6 Cursed beaver

Biomutant cursed beaver

The Wung-Fu Cursed Beaver ability is intended for rifle users. There are a myriad of guns that players can loot, buy, and craft Biomutant. They are easy ranged weapons that are balanced in the game considering the rate of fire, accuracy, range, and damage allowed.

This Wung-Fu ability will allow the player to complete their ranged weapon attack chain with two very powerful shots. This makes the guns so much more powerful than they already are. The player can unlock this ability with only 1 point of improvement.

5 Unstoppable duck

unstoppable biomutant duck

The Unstoppable Duck is the final Wung-Fu ability for the Rifle Weapon. For 2 upgrade points, the player can fire a quick burst at enemies after a double jump.

This ensures that the player is always able to shoot at will while jumping or in the direction of their enemies, which is one of the best ways to ensure their survival. Biomutant. The game itself might not be the hardest, but it will absolutely punish those who stand still.

4 dove boom

biomutant dove

Using automatic rifles is a very safe option for those who want to fully embrace the game’s ranged combat. They are easy to use, their rate of fire is immense, and many automatic rifles deal decent damage. The Boom Dove is one of the weapon’s Wung-Fu abilities and you can unlock it for just 1 upgrade point.

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With Boom Dove, the end of the player’s attack chain will be followed by a fully automatic shooting slide. This takes away a good deal of enemy health and allows the player to be mobile.

3 Maniac mule

biomutant maniac mule

The Maniac Mule is the latest Wung-Fu ability for the Auto Rifle weapon. This can be unlocked for 2 upgrade points. This makes the player’s double jump crossing an offensive maneuver.

Once unlocked, the player will spray bullets during a double jump. This will also cause them to flip vertically in the air. It’s a cool move and he incites it by adding an offensive aspect.

2 Deadly owl

deadly owl biomutant

Shotguns are by far the most powerful ranged weapons in the game. Their main drawback, however, is that they can have low fire rates or terrible reload speeds. Regardless of those things, once the player gets used to the intricacies of the weapon, it can be very rewarding.

In addition to its power, the Wung-Fu ability of shotguns is also very decent. The Deadly Owl Wung-Fu ability in particular will make this weapon’s attack chain much more powerful. At the end of the chain, this ability will fire two very accurate shotgun shots at the enemy.

1 Angry panda

angry panda biomutant

The Angry Panda Wung-Fu ability is the last unlockable Wung-Fu ability for the Shotgun weapon. When activated, this ability will force the player to backflip after performing a double jump. Once they land, they will also deliver a powerful shotgun blast towards the target.

This powerful Wung-Fu ability can be unlocked for 2 upgrade points. Considering how powerful the shotguns are in this game, adding another devastating blast after a double flip will really take a toll on enemies.

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