Araucria and City have launched a public call for technological innovation centers

The Araucária Foundation and the Supervisory Authority for Science, Technology and Higher Education (Seti) will organize on Monday (24), from 2 p.m., the online ceremony to launch the public appeal for Technological Innovation Centers (NITS) and the opening of the Zone Innovation Committee.

The objective is to finance the maintenance and strengthening of existing technological innovation centers in Paraná, and to improve the training of teams to transform themselves into innovation agencies (AGI). The resource available in this notice is 1.5 million reais.

NITS promotes innovation, technology transfer, training, capacity building and the use of the intellectual property system. They are diffusers of the use of technology in the university context and in research centers.

Public advocacy also takes place in the context of the new Paraná innovation law, the scope of which includes support for innovation environments, such as university technological innovation centers, incubators, accelerators and technology parks in all parts of the state.

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The event will be broadcast on the Araucária Foundation YouTube channel:

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