Australia to expand onshore mRNA manufacturing

Joint press release with Minister of Health Greg Hunt

The Morrison government is strengthening national capacity against future pandemics and other diseases by developing a path to Australia’s sovereign manufacturing capacity for mRNA vaccines.

Continuing our investments in high-tech medical manufacturing and the sustainability of our healthcare needs, the government today released a market approach that will allow manufacturers to provide mRNA manufacturing capacity in Australia to plan a partnership approach with government to advance this capacity. .

As part of the market approach, the government has defined the requirements that applicants will have to meet. These include:

  • submission of fully costed proposals to establish end-to-end population-wide mRNA capacity;
  • demonstrated access to intellectual property necessary for manufacturing processes, technology transfer and large-scale production;
  • the ability to make products available to the Australian Government on an as-needed basis and in priority over any other purchaser;
  • the ability to provide a secure supply of mRNA vaccines to the population, including increasing production to respond to reasonably foreseeable emergencies and health problems;
  • the ability to provide a secure supply of other therapeutic mRNA-based treatments of a type and scale that may be necessary to meet the reasonably foreseeable health needs of the Australian community;
  • the durability of the facility over 10 years and the commitment to maintain capacity ashore on an ongoing basis
  • a commitment to collaborate and to establish and maintain working relationships with the Australian research community; and
  • export opportunities for vaccines and treatments, both commercially and in support of our region during future health emergencies.

Industry, Science and Technology Minister Christian Porter said the preliminary business case undertaken by the government demonstrates the opportunity and potential to develop this capacity so that the nation has the capacity to produce vaccines and therapies of this type.

“We know that mRNA is an extremely promising branch of medical science and we know from work already undertaken that Australian companies and researchers are developing mRNA capability,” said Minister Porter.

“However, our market analysis also shows that there are gaps and challenges to scale up, which means that it is currently not possible to commercially manufacture mRNA treatments locally.

“With this market approach, the Morrison government is establishing a partnership approach to ensure Australia has the opportunity to produce mRNA vaccines and other potential therapeutics using this technology.

“The government invites major commercial suppliers and potential suppliers to demonstrate their future capacity and explain what government involvement, assistance or support could make this capacity a reality.

“To get the best deal for Australia, the government is taking a two-pronged approach to establishing this sovereign capability. We are continuing negotiations with existing manufacturers while entering the market for others who can potentially provide viable solutions.

“This partnership approach will ultimately help us ensure the best mRNA capacity for Australians while delivering economic benefits, improving health outcomes for Australians and creating well-paying jobs for the future.”

Health Minister Greg Hunt has said mRNA vaccines are on the cutting edge of advanced healthcare.

“MRNA vaccines are already a key pillar of the government’s immunization strategy, but mRNA technology has the potential to treat many other diseases, including cancer, influenza and cardiovascular disease,” said the Minister Hunt.

“This market approach builds on work already undertaken to understand Australia’s vaccine manufacturing capacity, including a manufacturing audit undertaken last year and a business case.

“These two elements will provide a strong database on which to assess proposals as we strive to build our capacity here at home.”

The government is calling for proposals that will build end-to-end sustainable capacity. The Market Approach for Proposals was released today.

The process will be open for eight weeks. Details are available at or click here.

MRNA vaccines have been identified as an opportunity in the Medicines Roadmap, which guides investments under the government’s $ 1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative, which is part of the government’s strategy. modern manufacturing of $ 1.5 billion.

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