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HYDERABAD: biopharmaceutical player Biological E has partnered with Canadian player Providence Therapeutics Holdings Inc to license the latter’s PTX-Covid-19-B mRNA vaccine
As part of the deal, Providence will provide the necessary technology transfer for Biological E to manufacture mRNA vaccines in India, with a minimum production capacity of 600 million doses by 2022 and a target capacity of 1 billion doses.
Apart from that, Providence will also export 30 million doses to India from its existing North American capacity.
Biological E has stated that it will be responsible for all clinical development and regulatory activities, including the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) application, for the mRNA vaccine in India and other jurisdictions. authorized by Biological E. However, Biological E did not disclose the financial terms of the transaction.
According to the Hyderabad-based vaccine maker, the two players signed a term sheet for a definitive licensing and collaboration agreement that also outlines the terms of sale by Providence of up to 30 million doses of the messenger RNA vaccine. exclusive from Providence to Biological E and other end purchasers.
“The mRNA platform has become the forerunner in the delivery of the first emergency vaccines to fight the Covid19 pandemic. Biological E. is very pleased to be able to work with Providence on its promising mRNA vaccine candidate. We hope to offer India and other countries another option to step up their efforts to achieve collective immunity against Covid-19, ”said Biological E chief executive Mahima Datla.

Mahima Datla, MD, Organic E

“This sale represents the sale of all remaining Providence 2021 production, plus a portion of Providence production in early 2022, after accounting for the first sale of Providence vaccines to the province of Manitoba, Canada,” said Biological E.
“This initiative is an important commitment by a Canada-based company to help India and other countries immunize their citizens against COVID19. Providence was founded to serve patients, and this commitment from Biological E enables us to achieve this essential goal, ”said Brad Sorenson, CEO of Providence in a statement.

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