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Convert your credit cards to cash

November 12, 2020 Convert your credits into cash! Use credit cards to launch your business idea How to convert your credit card to cash A credit card is defined as a payment card issued by a card issuer (often the bank) to cardholders so that the user can pay a …

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Cash Advance Fee Warning for Credit Card Users

Written by: Emma Lunn 07/18/2019 Credit card users can be caught off guard by high fees because they don’t understand what transactions are classified as “cash advances,” according to Totally Money. A cash advance fee is added to any cash transaction on a credit card. But that’s not just limited …

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The SA start-up offers a cash advance to Airbnb hosts

Jozette Chetwynd-Palmer, Founder of AirAdvance and Host of Airbnb. Local fintech start-up, AirAdvance, signed a long-standing financing agreement with the SME financial solutions company, Retail capital, to provide Airbnb hosts with a cash advance. Recently launched, AirAdvance offers hosts of the home sharing platform access to capital, using their future …

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