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Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, announced that Sun Life has chosen AWS as its cloud technology provider.

Sun Life will use AWS cloud technologies, including analytics, machine learning, storage, security and databases, to improve operational efficiency.

AWS said Sun Life has become the first company in Canada to launch a cloud skills training program, which is now available to Sun Life employees. The program brings together Sun Life cloud experts alongside AWS instructors to provide peer-to-peer learning and hands-on training to develop cloud skills.

Over the next few months, Sun Life will certify the first 450 commercial and technical employees with this AWS program and continue to train more employees to help accelerate cloud adoption and develop new internal and customer-facing capabilities.

Sun Life has built Development Workspaces in North America and Innovation Labs in Asia to bring together IT teams and business leaders to innovate with AWS technologies. In Asia, for example, one of the labs created the Sun Life Secure Experience, which allows Sun Life advisors to collaborate virtually with clients through video conferencing and secure file sharing.

“AWS’s cloud technology portfolio helps us be predictive, proactive and personal in taking customer insights and translating it into new digital ways to meet their needs,” said Laura Money, Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President, Sun Life.

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Transform with technology: the workplace of the future Wed, 25 Aug 2021 11:30:21 +0000


Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), along with its subsidiaries and affiliates, is one of the world’s leading providers of real estate and investment management services. We take seriously our responsibility to protect the personal information provided to us.

Generally, the personal information we collect from you is used to download the documents you have requested.

We strive to protect your personal information with an appropriate level of security and to retain it for as long as we need it for legitimate business or legal reasons. We will then safely remove it. For more information on how JLL processes your personal data, please see our privacy statement.

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Executives from Comcast Technology Solutions,, GroupM, NBCUniversal, AMC, Publicis, OMD – Beet.TV Sun, 22 Aug 2021 18:57:54 +0000

Advertisers must partner with media, measurement and advertising technology companies to support the growth of advanced television. Their partnerships will lead to greater automation and better results that will drive more investment in advertising as linear television and digital video converge.

Interoperability is a great unifier

Kevin Lemberg, Head of Advertising Solutions Partnerships at Comcast Technology Solutions

“There has to be some kind of unification and some kind of common language and goals between the partners within a solution or a technology that we bring to the industry,” he said. “Partnerships are going to be very important to complete the technological offer and solutions for the industry so that we can move forward. “

Holistic view of the TV landscape

Jen Soch, Executive Director of Specialty Channels at WPP’s GroupM

“We’re really seeing an idea where we can be with an addressable and CTV part of the main video recommendation that goes into what we do with a client, and look at it in a more holistic way. ” she said. “I see a lot more interest in bringing it [addressable and CTV] very prominent and being a more important part of their overall game. “

Don’t devalue premium content

Kelly Abcarian, Executive Vice President of Measurement and Impact at NBCUniversal

“Interoperability between linear and digital without losing the value of premium content along the way is going to be so critical,” she said. “If we lose and swing the pendulum too far towards ‘audience only’, imagine that content is depreciated over the next few years and essentially creates a company whose value is placed solely on the audience… I can’t wait to working with the industry on how, as we try to equalize and become more interoperable, we don’t lose the value of premium content.

Addressable TV unlocks information

Kristine Bayles, VP of Advanced Advertising Sales at AMC Networks

Addressable television “allows us to gain insight into communication and deepen understanding of the industry,” she said. “We all know television is important, but CTV and VOD are just as important… Audiences are really fragmented now, and it’s not that fewer people are consuming, they are just consuming differently. We need to understand this and move forward with converging impressions. “

Automate workflows to save

Mark Marshall, President of Advertising and Partnerships at NBCUniversal

“Our goal on this [automated workflows] is to work with our partners on the agency side so that we can get rid of about 30% of the manual work that we do, ”he said. “How do I find different APIs? [application programming interfaces] and different ways of interacting, and removing some of the manual elements to allow us to go faster and hopefully improve customer margins.

Results require collaboration

Nicole Whitesel, Executive Vice President of Advanced Television and Customer Success at Publicis Media

“We need systems that collaborate – tools that communicate with each other, data that can break down those walls, identifiers that can be understood,” she said. “Better sharing of this data allows us to have conversations with our clients about the results and outcomes that make changes to their business and outcomes that change the way they decide the media mix. “

Self-programming becomes the norm

Vicky Fox, Planning Manager at OMD UK

“We went from a place where people were pretty married to a linear schedule,” she said. “Self-programming is going to be the norm for everyone. Anyone who turns on the television and watches either the menu of their connected television or their EPG [electronic programming guide] can see how much that has changed, as some of the linear calendars may take second place.

Technology “lifts all ships”

Richard Nunn, Vice President and General Manager, Advertiser Solutions at Comcast Technology Solutions

“By automating and understanding what worked and what didn’t work in real time across all channels, this should in principle mean better ROI on a fragmented channel basis.” “, did he declare. “They will drive this solution much more efficiently thanks to the technology. “

You watch “What’s next for advertisers?” Key changes that will move the industry forward, ”a Beet.TV leadership series presented by Comcast Technology Solutions. For more videos, please visit this page. To read the Comcast Technology Solutions article on these topics, please visit this link.

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Jon Watts who collaborated and reported on this series.

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COVID-19 Has Forced Healthcare Organizations To Make Technology Upgrades: Study Mon, 09 Aug 2021 14:05:31 +0000

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced healthcare facilities to make technology upgrades that would normally have taken years, according to a new study commissioned by Google Cloud.

The study, conducted by research and analysis firm The Harris Poll, highlights how the pandemic has reshaped the role of technology in healthcare and how it is changing the day-to-day operations of physicians in the United States. part was completed in June 2021.

According to the study, telehealth has experienced substantial year-over-year (YOY) growth, from nearly 32% in February 2020 to 90% in 2021. Here are the main highlights of the survey commissioned by Google Cloud:

  • 45% of doctors say COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of technology adoption by their organization while 62% say the pandemic has forced their healthcare organization to make technology upgrades that would normally have taken years.
  • 48% of physicians would like to have access to telehealth capabilities within the next five years.
  • Despite technological leaps during the pandemic, most doctors still believe the healthcare industry is lagging behind in technology adoption, with more than half describing the industry as lagging behind industries. games, telecommunications and financial services. However, they recognize the opportunity for technological support and advancement.
  • The majority of physicians believe that increased data interoperability will dramatically reduce diagnostic time for patients, resulting in better patient experiences and outcomes.
  • Around 55% of physicians believe that increased access to data through technology has had a positive impact on their entire healthcare organization and nearly 90% say they are increasingly looking for ways to bring together all patient data in one place for a more comprehensive view of health. .
  • Familiarity with the new interoperability rules of the Department of Health and Social Services (DHHS) has clearly grown – from 64% in 2020 to 74% in 2021.

Google says it was founded on the idea that bringing more information to more people improves lives on a large scale. For example, its healthcare data engine makes it easier for healthcare and life science leaders to make smart, real-time decisions with breakthrough clinical, operational and scientific information.

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NOK Stock: Nokia’s Return to Blue-Chip Technology Status Could Happen Fri, 06 Aug 2021 21:20:49 +0000

Nokia (NYSE:NOK) is a leading company in the telecommunications equipment industry. Its network business derives revenues from the sale of wireless and fixed hardware, software, and services. Nokia’s technology segment licenses patents to cell phone manufacturers and collects royalties on Nokia branded cell phones. And NOK’s stock is international – the Finland-based company operates globally, with most of its revenue coming from communications service providers.

Source: rafapress /

For investment veterans, they may remember that in 2000, during the dot-com boom, NOK’s market cap was 70% of the Helsinki stock market.

Nokia has two main businesses: first, Nokia Networks, a supplier of network infrastructure equipment to global wireless and wireline operators. And second, Technologies, its patent / IPR licensing activities.

After many years of disappointing results, Nokia may finally be on track to sustainable returns that will once again solidify the company as a premier technology company. Nokia lost the battle of smartphones against Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Samsung. But the future of 5G and the mobile infrastructure related to this build could be the roadmap Nokia is looking for.

Recent results for NOK share

Nokia’s second quarter 2021 results looked strong across all segments. Net sales increased 9% year on year to 5.3 billion euros. Gross margins increased 2.7% to 42.3% and operating margins increased 4.5% to 12.8%.

President and CEO Pekka Lundmark wrote in the second quarter results: “Given our strong start to 2021, we are revising our Outlook for the whole year. We now expect a comparable operating margin between 1012% for the year 2021, compared to our previous one range of 7ten%.”

The company has a three-pronged strategy called Reset, Accelerate, and Scale.

The reset involves:

  • Mobile networks
    • AirScale radio and baseband launched
    • Increase in R&D investments
    • Win back customers
  • Cloud and network services
    • Rebalancing of the portfolio in progress, but underlying profitability

Speed ​​up transactions with:

  • Network infrastructure • + 20% growth in sales in Q2 *
  • Gain market share • New product launches in H2
  • Cloud and network services • More than 150 customers for 5G Core • More than 340 private wireless offers compared to 250 at the start of the year

The scale includes

  • Nokia Technologies • Two automotive licenses signed
  • Network infrastructure • Sustained market share gains, particularly in fixed networks

Contest for NOK Stock

The telecommunications and networking equipment industry faces fierce competition from a number of major players. The company declares:

“We face intense competition in all aspects of our business and in all markets for our mobile products. The mobile device markets are increasingly segmented, diverse and commoditized. We face competition from an increasing number of participants in different user segments, price points and geographies, as well as layers of the mobile product using different competitive means in each of them.

These competitors include iconic names such as Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) and Samsung.

Finances have yet to materialize

But as always with mature businesses, Nokia’s success hinges on sustained profitability and the ability to generate solid returns on capital. This is a business that dates back to 1865. Using modern methodologies for evaluating price versus sales or price versus gross margin used for today’s money losing businesses , this will not fly.

Nokia’s EV / EBITDA ratio is estimated at 11x for fiscal 2022, according to consensus estimates, which isn’t too outrageous by the current standard.

And with positive net cash of 3.7 billion euros, positive and increasing free cash flow, a strong management team, a strong focus on R&D and a productive legacy patent portfolio – Nokia should be able to to continue his upward march towards the creation of himself. a first-rate technological stock.

As of the publication date, Tom Kerr does not hold any position in any of the stocks mentioned in the article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, submitted to Publication guidelines.

Tom Kerr has worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years. He is currently a Senior Portfolio Manager at Rocky Peak Capital Management. Previously, he was Director of Investments and Director of Research of SGL Investment Advisors, and held several positions in other investment-related organizations. Mr. Kerr also contributed to the writing of La, and He is a CFA charter holder and earned a BBA in finance from Texas Tech University.

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new segment of advancements to focus on innovations in borderless healthcare technology | New Fri, 06 Aug 2021 14:48:54 +0000

JUPITER, Florida, August 6, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Advances with Ted Danson will focus on health insurance and assistive technology developments in an upcoming segment slated for release in 4Q / 2021.

This segment will explore how TripDoctor is developing the first insurtech product combining borderless health insurance, next-generation medical assistance and support tools, as well as an integrated global outpatient service provider and network. Viewers will experience the technology and see how the digital customer experience simplifies the insurance process with simple policy design, cost-efficient plans, quick purchases, and pain-free enrollment.

Listening to experts in the field, viewers will see how TripDoctor’s user-centric medical assistance, access to multi-channel customer service, and integrated digital health tools enable user-controlled triage and access to providers via chat, telemedicine and in-person meetings.

“We are excited to showcase the benefits of our technology for superior access to healthcare to the growing number of international remote workers, expats and travelers,” said TripDoctor CEO, Daniel mcchesney, MD.

Additionally, the public will learn how TripDoctor’s cloud policy management powers automated complaints handling, fraud detection and real-time policy self-management.

“TripDoctor’s digital healthcare and assistance platform enables customers to easily access medical assistance and support, make informed healthcare decisions and schedule appointments with a supplier in real time, ”said Richard simon, producer of the series Advancements.

About TripDoctor:

TripDoctor offers the first insurtech product combining borderless health insurance, next-generation medical assistance, digital health support tools and an integrated global network of ambulatory care providers. With the increasing availability of remote work, workers who choose to leave their home countries need a flexible health plan that works wherever they live. Not just insurance, TripDoctor is the world’s true international healthcare plan, providing our members with technology-based access to quality healthcare worldwide.

For more information, visit:

About DMG advancements and productions:

The Advancements series is an information-based educational program targeting recent advances in a number of industries and economies. Showcasing cutting-edge solutions and important issues facing today’s consumers and professionals, Advancements focuses on cutting-edge developments and brings this information to the public with the vision to shed light on how technology and innovation continue to transform our world.

Backed by experts in a variety of fields, DMG Productions is dedicated to education and advancement, as well as the constant production of ad-free educational programming upon which both viewers and networks depend.

For more information, please visit or call 866-496-4065.

Media contact

Sarah McBrayer, DMG Productions, 866-496-4065,

SOURCE Advances

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Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Market Research Report by Chemistry, Technology, Application, Vertical, Region – Global Forecast to 2026 Wed, 04 Aug 2021 19:27:00 +0000

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Market Research Report By Chemistry (Acrylic PSA, PSA EVA & Hybrid PSA), By Technology (Hot Melt PSA, Radiation PSA & Solvent Based PSA), By Application, By Vertical, By region (Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa) – Global forecast to 2026 – Cumulative impact of COVID-19

New York, August 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – announces the publication of the report “Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Market Research Report by Chemistry, by Technology, by Application, by Vertical, by Region – Global Forecast to 2026 – Cumulative impact of COVID-19 “-

The global pressure sensitive adhesives market size was estimated to be $ 9,203.24 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $ 9,851.62 million in 2021, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.38% from 2020 to 2026 to reach USD 14,111.31 million by 2026.

Market Statistics:
The report provides market size and forecast in five major currencies – USD, EUR GBP, JPY and AUD. It helps organizational leaders make better decisions when currency data is readily available. In this report, the years 2018 and 2019 are considered as historical years, 2020 as the base year, 2021 as the estimated year and the years 2022 to 2026 are considered as the forecast period.

Market segmentation and coverage:
This research report categorizes Pressure Sensitive Adhesives to forecast revenue and analyze trends in each of the following submarkets:

Based on chemistry, the pressure sensitive adhesive market has been studied through acrylic PSA, PSA EVA, hybrid PSA, hydrophilic PSA, polyurethanes, rubber PSA and silicone PSA. Acrylic PSA is further investigated through solvent-based acrylic PSA and water-based acrylic PSA. PSA Rubber is further studied through Natural Rubber and Synthetic Rubber.

Based on the technology, the pressure sensitive adhesive market has been studied through hot melt PSA, radiation PSA, solvent based PSA and water based PSA. PSA radiation is studied in more detail through electronic beam cured PSA and UV cured PSA. Solvent-based PSA is studied in more detail through one-component solvent-based PSA and two-component solvent-based PSA. Water-based PSA is studied in more detail through one-component water-based PSA and two-component water-based PSA.

Based on the application, the market for pressure sensitive adhesives has been studied on PSA graphics, labels and tapes. Graphics PSA is studied in greater detail in emblems and logos, films, floors, carpets and rugs, signage and vehicle wraps. Labels are discussed in more detail on Freezer or Frost Fix labels, high tack labels, peel labels, permanent labels, specialty labels and super peel labels. Bands are explored in more detail across product PSA bands and specialty bands.

Based on the vertical, the Pressure Sensitive Adhesives market has been studied in the automotive and transportation, building and construction, consumer goods, electronics, electrical, and automotive industries. telecommunications, hygiene, industrial assembly, medicine and health, medical devices, packaging, paper and printing industry, renewable energies, and Contact with the skin.

On the basis of geography, the Pressure Sensitive Adhesives market has been studied to America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa. The Americas are further explored in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Asia-Pacific is further explored in China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea and Thailand. Europe, Middle East and Africa are also studied in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Arab Emirates United and the United Kingdom.

Cumulative impact of COVID-19:
COVID-19 is an incomparable global public health emergency that has affected nearly every industry, and the long-term effects are expected to impact the growth of the industry during the forecast period. Our ongoing research amplifies our research framework to ensure the inclusion of the underlying issues of COVID-19 and potential pathways to follow. The report provides insight on COVID-19 considering changes in consumer behavior and demand, purchasing patterns, supply chain diversion, dynamics of current market forces, and significant government interventions . The updated study provides information, analysis, estimates and forecasts, considering the impact of COVID-19 on the market.

Competitive strategic window:
The Competitive Strategy Window analyzes the competitive landscape in terms of markets, applications and geographies to help the vendor define an alignment or fit between their capabilities and opportunities for future growth prospects. It describes the optimal or favorable fit for suppliers to adopt successive strategies of merger and acquisition, geographic expansion, research and development, and new product introduction strategies to continue the expansion and growth of the business during a forecast period.

FPNV positioning matrix:
The FPNV Positioning Matrix assesses and ranks vendors in the Pressure Sensitive Adhesives market based on business strategy (company growth, industry coverage, financial viability, and channel support) and customer satisfaction. product (value for money, ease of use, product features and customer). Support) that helps businesses make better decisions and better understand the competitive landscape.

Market share analysis:
The market share analysis offers the analysis of the suppliers considering their contribution to the overall market. It provides the idea of ​​its revenue generation in the overall market compared to other space providers. It provides insight into the performance of vendors in terms of revenue generation and customer base compared to others. Knowing the market share gives an idea of ​​the size and competitiveness of the suppliers for the base year. It reveals the characteristics of the market in terms of traits of accumulation, fragmentation, dominance and fusion.

Company usability profiles:
The report deeply explores the significant recent developments of leading vendors and innovation profiles in the global Pressure Sensitive Adhesives market including 3M Company, Alberdingk Boley GmbH, Arkema Group, Ashland Inc., Avery Dennison Corporation, BASF SE, Cattie Adhesives, Chase Corporation, Covestro AG, Dow Silicones Corporation, Dyna-Tech Adhesives, Inc, Ester Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd., Evonik Industries AG, HB Fuller Company, Hauthaway Corporation, Henkel AG & Company KGAA, Lamberti SpA, LANXESS AG, LyndollBasell Industries NV, Mapei SpA, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp., Powerband Industries Pvt Ltd, SABIC, Scapa Group PLC, Sika AG, Sumitomo Chemicals and The DOW Chemical Company.

The report provides information on the following pointers:
1. Market penetration: provides comprehensive information on the market offered by the major players
2. Market Development: Provides detailed information on lucrative emerging markets and analyzes penetration into mature market segments.
3. Market diversification: provides detailed information on new product launches, untapped geographies, recent developments and investments
4. Competitive Assessment and Intelligence: Provides a comprehensive assessment of market shares, strategies, products, certification, regulatory approvals, patent landscape and manufacturing capabilities of key players
5. Product Development and Innovation: Provides intelligent information on future technologies, R&D activities and breakthrough product developments

The report answers questions such as:
1. What is the market size and forecast for the global Pressure Sensitive Adhesives market?
2. What are the inhibitory factors and impact of COVID-19 shaping the global Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Market during the forecast period?
3. What are the products / segments / applications / areas to invest in during the forecast period in the global Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Market?
4. What is the strategic competitive window for opportunities in the global Pressure Sensitive Adhesives market?
5. What are the technological trends and regulatory frameworks in the global Pressure Sensitive Adhesives market?
6. What is the market share of the major vendors in the global pressure sensitive adhesives market?
7. What strategic fashions and moves are considered appropriate for entering the global pressure sensitive adhesives market?
Read the full report:

About Reportlinker
ReportLinker is an award winning market research solution. Reportlinker finds and organizes the latest industry data so you get all the market research you need – instantly, in one place.


CONTACT: Clare: US: (339)-368-6001 Intl: +1 339-368-6001
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SmarTech Analysis and Stifel Global Technology Group Announce Online Event Focuses on Global Financial Opportunities and Additive Manufacturing Investments Tue, 03 Aug 2021 12:44:00 +0000

NEW YORK, August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SmarTech Analysis and Stifel Global Technology Group to Present AM Investment Strategies, a Half-Day Online Summit on September 9, 2021 during which leaders from the additive manufacturing (AM) industry will discuss AM’s public and private market investment environment.

Through two panels, CEOs and industry leaders will join experts from SmarTech and Stifel to analyze recent market activity (PSPC, equity offerings, mergers and acquisitions and venture capital) and provide market insights. future in the context of real market data. Registration is free at

Since the start of the year, Stifel has led 9 of the largest fundraising and consulting operations in the digital manufacturing sector, totaling more than $ 3 billion in cumulative value, in particular as financial advisor to Fathom as part of its $ 1.5 billion merger with Altimar Acquisition Corp and acting as Joint Investment Agent on a $ 80 million HOSE to support the suit.

SmarTech is the leading research, market data and consulting company focused solely on 3D printing and additive manufacturing, counting the majority of major OEMs and numerous multinational industrial and financial companies among its clients.

Speakers to date include:

  • Benny buller, VELO3D, CEO
  • Arno Held, AM Ventures, Managing Director
  • Jos Burger, Ultimaker, member of the board of directors
  • Greg kress, Shapeways, CEO
  • Yoav Zief, Stratasys, CEO
  • Max Lobovski, Formlabs, CEO
  • John hartner, The ExOne Company, CEO
  • Ryan martin, FATHOM, CEO
  • Mohsen Seifi, ASTM, Director of Global AF Programs
  • Bryan dow, Stifel, Managing Director
  • Stephen butkow, Stifel, Managing Director
  • Scott Dunham, SmarTech, Executive Vice President Research
  • Joris peel, SmarTech, consulting vice-president
  • Michael Molitch-Hou,, editor-in-chief

Registration for the event is free, but capacity is limited.


For more information, contact: [email protected]

About SmarTech Analysis
SmarTech analysis is based on New York City and is a subsidiary of 3DR Holdings, a business-to-business technology media company comprising the world’s leading news and events company. Upcoming 3DR Holdings events include: Additive Manufacturing Strategies (, March 1-3, 2022, New York City) and Inside 3D Printing (, October 13-15, 2021, Seoul).

Press contact:
Barry schwartz
[email protected]

SOURCE SmartTech Analysis

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Round Rock approves rezoning of new tech campus next to Dell Fri, 23 Jul 2021 20:23:51 +0000

Two plots of land adjacent to Dell Technologies’ global headquarters are being zoned for an upcoming new data center in Round Rock.

City council voted unanimously Thursday to dezone 35.71 acres at a planned unit development for Las Vegas-based tech company Switch. Brad Wiseman, the city’s director of planning and development, told a city council meeting on Tuesday that the zoning was recommended by the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

“It is currently zoned general commercial, which allows for a wide variety of uses, but the data center is not currently listed in our development code,” Wiseman said. “The purpose of the PUD is to identify the data center as an authorized use on the property. It just indicates that use would be permitted on the property, essentially creating a custom zoning district to enable the data center. ”

Wiseman said the property was developed by Dell and the two plots will be on either side of its corporate headquarters. The data center will be built on the two plots.

Round rock:Neighborhood residents and Round Rock officials discuss recent increase in crime in the area

Brad Wiseman, Round Rock's director of planning and development, told a board meeting on Thursday that the two Switch plots will be on either side of the Dell facility.

“Since Dell’s founding in 1984, we’ve seen central Texas become a hub of technology and innovation for the benefit of the entire community,” said Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, in a press release. “With this agreement, we welcome Switch to a wonderful neighborhood and at the same time continue to expand our relationships with major data center service providers.”

Switch will build a 1.5 million square foot campus next to Dell that will serve as the fifth campus called the Rock.