Development of a tissue culture technique for the mass production of 6 bamboo species in PH underway – DOST – Manila Bulletin

The development of a tissue culture technique for the mass production of selected bamboo species is underway.


This was revealed by the Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Fortunato “Boy” T. de la Peña, during his weekly report on Friday, June 25.

“The Philippine DOST Council for Agriculture, Water and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD) is supporting a project implemented by Visayas State University (VSU) that aims to develop efficient tissue culture protocols for sterilization, seedling regeneration, multiplication, and rooting in vitro using growth regulators for economically important bamboo species, ”he said.

He said potted seedlings of the selected bamboo species have been established and tissue culture seedlings in the nursery have been developed for easy planting in the field.

“Six bamboo species have also been established in the nursery from cuttings and seeds as a source of planting material,” said de la Peña.

The bamboo species were: Dendrocalamus giganteus, Bambusa tulda, Dendrocalamus asper, Dendrocalamus membranaceus var Grandis, Dendrocalamus latiflorus var Machiku and Guadua angostifolia var Oliver’s.

“Based on their experiences, using a commercial solution of bleach and ethyl alcohol as a sterilant was more effective than using mercuric chloride to establish clean cultures. Browning and the contamination rate of crops were reduced with this technique, ”said the head of DOST.

“Among the source of explants, the nodal segments of the mother plant grown in the field and the seeds grown in vitro were identified as the best source of explants for the micropropagation of the test bamboo species,” he said. declared.

He said the VSU team was also able to inoculate and establish mother plants of the selected bamboo species.



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