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Did you buy your first iPhone? 7 things you need to do

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Did you buy your first iPhone? 7 things you need to do

Did you buy your first iPhone?

You must be very excited. But an Apple iPhone is a task for those who have been full-time Android smartphone users. There’s so much to do with just one button!

The first iPhone switch is certainly very technical, and you might take some getting used to. We bring you some basics you need to know once you get your first iPhone. Here is:

Activating the new iPhone

When you get your first iPhone, the very first thing you do is activate your smartphone. The basic setup process will activate your handset to let you choose basic settings to use features like Find My iPhone, FaceTime, iMessage, and other related tools.

Apple ID

The very first thing is to get your SIM card in your new iPhone and get access to iTunes Store or App Store, first you need to have Apple ID also known as iTunes Account .

You can create the account for free. The account allows you to purchase more apps, movies, music and more from the App Store.

Also, Apple ID will let you access a number of features like iCloud, iMessage, Find My iPhone, Apple Music, FaceTime and many other iPhone features.

If you want to skip creating an Apple ID, you can, but you won’t be able to do anything other than send and receive calls.

Install iTunes

iTunes is considered as the tool that lets you add and remove music, photos, videos, apps, etc. from your iPhone. another must-have app on your handset for easy access to your inventory.

Sync and configure your iPhone

Once iTunes is set up, you can plug your iPhone into your computer and start loading it with content – music, e-books, movies, photos, etc. The feature will also let you rearrange your app icons and create folders.

Additionally, if you are syncing with a USB cable, you can also change the settings and sync over Wi-Fi. Additionally, you can use iCloud to bypass cable syncing.

Configure iCloud

And to perform wireless file transfer, you need to set up iCloud first. And it’s a must to mention that using an iPhone becomes much easier when you have iCloud on multiple computers or mobile devices. This way, your apps, music or other data could be synced evenly.

Find My iPhone – Setup on New iPhone

This feature is indeed a great usable feature for the iPhone user. This iCloud feature lets you use the iPhone’s built-in GPS to pinpoint its location on a map. You will be happy to have it if your iPhone is lost or stolen.

Set up Touch ID or Face ID

As for Android devices, here in your iPhone, you can use your Touch ID as the configuration of a fingerprint scanner which is integrated on the Home button (for iPhone 5S, 6 series, 6S series, 7 series, 8 and in some of the device iPads).

Facial recognition is another security feature to keep your device locked, and it unlocks accordingly, just like it works with your Android handsets.

Here are some features to get you familiar with your new iPhone. Stay tuned for all the more you can do with your new iPhone.