Dominic Thiem hits left-handed forehands and backhands with perfect technique as recovery from wrist injury continues

Dominic Thiem, who injured his right wrist last month, appears to be on the road to recovery. And while he can’t yet hit the ball with his dominant right hand, a recent video of the Austrian saw him show off perfect technique with the racquet in his left hand.

Dominic Thiem pulled the tendons in his right wrist when he met Adrian Mannarino in the second round at the Mallorca Championships, a preparation event for Wimbledon 2021. The 27-year-old then retired from Wimbledon and the Olympics from Tokyo, and is expected to make a comeback next month.

Dominic Thiem currently wears a brace on his right wrist, but that hasn’t deterred him from going to the gym to work out his cardio. And on Wednesday, he took things to another level with a series of left-handed groundstrokes during practice.

Here’s the video of Thiem’s ​​left-hander topspin forehand and backhand, both of which appear to have a lot of power:

Legend suggests it was Dominic Thiem’s ​​first time playing on the field since this year’s grass swing.

Thiem can also be seen working on his footwork in the video, as he goes through one hurdle after another. The 27-year-old, well known for his intense workouts, also worked on his explosive leg strength during the routine.

Dominic Thiem captivated many fans on social media with his left shots. The topspin forehand in particular stood out for its racquet head speed and heaviness, with some even wondering how effective such a shot would be on clay.

Dominic Thiem’s ​​participation in the US Open is still uncertain

Dominique thiem
Dominique thiem

Dominic Thiem made his Grand Slam breakthrough at the 2020 US Open, in which he came back from two sets to take down Alexander Zverev. The Austrian, however, has had a slump this season, racking up a dismal 9-9 win-and-lose record amid physical and mental challenges.

Dominic Thiem is hoping for a comeback in the North American hard-court swing, however. The Austrian is currently on the 2021 Toronto Masters entry list, and he could end up making it to Flushing Meadows in September if he recovers by then.

That said, Thiem recently revealed that he wouldn’t be too disappointed if he wasn’t in top form by then, given the extent of his injury.

“I kind of hope I can play at the US Open. As the defending champion, playing in New York would be a dream,” Thiem said a few days ago. “But still, I can’t be disappointed in case it doesn’t work out.”

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