I’m about to become a much better golfer

During lessons and practice, you identify what you did wrong with the last shot, make the corrections, and shoot another bullet to swing again.

Each week this summer, Citizen Editor-in-Chief Neil Godbout will share his golf learning experience at Prince George Golf and Curling Club. Want to participate in a free game with Neil? Just send him a message at [email protected]

Week 12

As a newbie golfer playing seriously for the first time in my 50s, good technique applied consistently is my only way forward, as I learned last week.

My lesson with Prince George Golf and Curling Club pro Blair Scott went really well and I can say he was quite happy with my recent progress. Of course, the success of a course and a practice does not guarantee a similar quality on the course. During lessons and practice, you identify what you did wrong with the last shot, make the corrections, and shoot another bullet to swing again.

During a round on the course, however, you have to live with your bad shot and then deal with it while you wait for others to play and walk towards your ball to hit again. What often happens to me is that if I make a mistake once, I will repeat the mistake over the next couple of shots because I can only work mentally and lack the experience to easily make changes. physical requirements.

My chauffeur-driven tee shots are an ongoing battle. Either I throw the ball too low and hit low lines, or I play too high and hit a ball that goes almost as high in the air as it does forward down the fairway. Many golfers use their fingers or knuckles as a tool to drive the tee into the ground. Others rate it based on how much ball is higher than the top of the driver’s face.

Positioning my feet with the driver is also a problem. My recent playing partners have pointed out that my front foot should be closer to the ball. As soon as I made this fix I was hitting it much cleaner and not hitting the ground behind the ball before contact. I did it for a few holes, then quickly forgot about it and fell back into bad habits. Again, proper technique applied consistently.

In last week’s round I shot a 132 which is my best of the season but a frustrating result as Blair and others say they can see my improvement and I feel like I’m hitting better. The bottom line is that I shot a 61 on the first nine, including a bogey on the seventh and a double bogey on the eighth. I shoot bogey and double bogey on 18 holes and improve my score by 30 strokes. It is golf respectability that I am looking for.

But of course the score will work itself out if I can consistently include technical improvements in the game. I know I’m on my way to becoming a much better golfer. The best technique is there, but not always. Bad habits and bad results are still too constant but are less common than before.

With only about seven weeks left in the season, it’s time to move on.

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