Technology stocks

Interest rates have very little to do with tech stocks


In his Daily Market Notes report to investors, while commenting on technology stocks, Louis Navellier writes:

Treasury contracts

After today’s CPI report, Treasury yields fell slightly. This week’s first quarter announcements by many financial institutions should shed more light on whether or not an inverted yield curve will compress operating margins for financial stocks.

This hedge fund outperformed thanks to a strategy pioneered by Ben Graham

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Tech stocks shake

Despite some profit taking on tech stocks as Treasury yields rise, it is important to remind investors that interest rates have very little, if anything, to do with tech stocks. Wall Street loves trying to shake up growth stock investors ahead of their quarterly earnings announcement.

It will be every man for himself from the third week of April as profits roll in.. I’m delighted that our sales and earnings momentum has picked up because we’ve had all this commodity action. I feel very comfortable with all the actions we recommend that take advantage of the commodity inflation there, energy stocks, fertilizer stocks, food stocks and, of course, semiconductor chip companies.

Expect surprises

National companies and commodity companies are clearly the place to be. I think there are going to be problems with the multinationals because some of them do a lot of business in Russia, and they’re going to have to say how it impacted their business. Others will suffer because of the global economic downturn.

Put on your seat belt at the start of earnings season. It is likely to maintain high volatility with upside and downside surprises and should present plenty of opportunities for nimble investors.

Coffee beans

The number of newly created Twitter accounts nearly tripled the day Russia invaded Ukraine. More than 38,000 new accounts were created on February 24, the day Russian tanks entered Ukraine, compared to just 13,500 the day before. Several account networks appear to have posted “similar suspicious content” around the same time, including pro-Russian propaganda by inauthentic accounts. Source: Statistics. See the full story here.