Lummus announces cooperation with Synthos for the development of biobutadiene technology

“Lummus is the leading licensor of butadiene production and extraction technologies, and we build on our excellent track record in bringing technologies to market to make a difference in the energy transition through Green Circle,” said Leon de Bruyn, President and CEO of Lummus Technology. “We are grateful to help Synthos achieve its goals of investing in more sustainable bio-rubbers, and we will prepare this promising technology for commercialization, aligned with our relentless ambitions to decarbonize and circularize our industry through our Green portfolio. Circle. “

“Sustainability is a key to the development of the Synthos product portfolio. We are keen to meet the needs of our customers with advanced synthetic rubber made from bio-derived butadiene, ”said Matteo marchisio, Director of the Synthetic Rubbers and Pneumatic Materials BU. “We believe that the cooperation with Lummus Technology will effectively support our goals for renewable and bio-based butadiene. We want it to become the monomer for the production of organic rubber. This important development for Synthos will strengthen our sustainability offering and provide our customers with a product that has a significantly reduced environmental footprint. “

This cooperation will focus on the development and commercialization of new technology to process renewable raw materials of biological origin to produce value-added and more sustainable synthetic rubbers. Green Circle, a business entity owned by Lummus Technology, focuses on economically and technically sound solutions for the complete treatment of solid waste containing plastics; to transform various renewable raw materials of biological origin into value-added chemicals, polymers and fuels; and for the decarbonization of refining and petrochemical assets.

Synthos, as a leading supplier of rubbers for the production of tires, now focuses on the production of synthetic rubber from renewable raw materials, which can be achieved through the production of biobutadiene from bioethanol. The technology that Lummus and Synthos will commercialize under this agreement to produce biobutadiene shows great promise and is expected to be the new standard for the production of synthetic rubbers.

About Lummus technology
Lummus Technology is the global leader in the development of process technologies that make modern life possible and focus on a more sustainable, low-carbon future. Lummus is a leading licensor of clean energy, petrochemicals, refining, gas processing and renewable technologies, and a supplier of catalysts, proprietary equipment, digitization and lifecycle services associated with customers all over the world. To learn more about the new Lummus, visit

About Synthos
Synthos SA is a producer of chemicals and a key player in the global synthetic rubber market. The business segment of Synthos SA Capital Group includes the production and sale of chemicals used as raw materials and intermediate products in a wide range of industries, in particular in the tire industry, the construction industry and the packaging industry.

SOURCE Lummus Technology, LLC

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