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Median Technologies Launches Imaging Lab

May 31, 2022 — Median Technologies announces that the company is expanding its portfolio of services with Imaging Lab, a new entity whose mission is to leverage AI, data mining and radiomics technologies to exploit imaging data from clinical trials in oncology.

The creation of Imaging Lab materializes the convergence of the activities of iCRO ​​for the management of images in the development of new oncology drugs and the activities of iBiopsy for the development of software as medical devices targeting the early diagnosis of cancers, especially lung cancer.

“We are seeing a paradigm shift from pharmaceutical companies towards new drug candidates targeting patients with early-stage cancers,” said Fredrik Brag, CEO and Founder of Median Technologies. “The synergy between our iCRO ​​​​and iBiopsy activities is perfect to respond to this change: iBiopsy develops software as medical devices, integrating AI technologies, which make it possible to diagnose diseases at a very early stage, when patients are still asymptomatic. , iCRO ​​has in-depth knowledge of image processing and its management in clinical trials. The cross-fertilization of our two businesses will enable us to leverage imaging data in conjunction with other clinical information in an unparalleled way and to provide biopharmaceutical companies with tools for Go/No-Go decisions during trials,” adds Fredrik Brag.

Imaging Lab will provide new answers in four areas that determine the success of clinical trials: the selection of patients included in the trials, in particular the inclusion of patients diagnosed at early stages of the disease thanks to AI technologies, the prediction of response to treatment, measurement of disease progression, and safety assessment of drug candidates. The objective is to optimize development plans, in particular by facilitating Go/No-Go decisions to increase the success rate of clinical trials. This rate is particularly low in oncology, generating an average development cost of $2.8 billion to bring a new molecule to market, compared to an average of $1 billion per new molecule brought to market for other therapeutic areas. .[1].

“Our experience with image management in clinical trials has shown that trial data is vastly underutilized. We can extract much more information from images through the large-scale use of data mining, AI and radiomics and use these technologies to better support our customers and biopharmaceutical partners. in their clinical developments,” says Nicolas Dano, COO iCRO ​​at Median Technologies.

The Imaging Lab team will be present June 4-6 (show dates) at the ASCO Annual Conference in Chicago, Median Booth #2098, Exhibit Hall A, to meet with the pharmaceutical community.

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