Montana Farm Equipment “Right to Repair” Advocates Welcome Federal Recognition | State and regional

The Montana Farmers Union and the Montana Grain Growers Association – both of which have supported right to redress legislation – spent a total of $ 65,855, but the two groups listed dozens of other bills they were dealing with. worked throughout the session. The Repair Association did not disclose any lobbying.

Mixed reactions to Biden’s order

While some right to redress advocates, like Harmon, dismissed the likelihood of real change coming from the federal government, others viewed Biden’s decree as a substantial victory.

“If the FTC tells them that they have to give the farmer and rancher access to the right to repair their own equipment, they can’t get around that,” said Walter Schweitzer, president of the Montana Farmers Union. .

But other advocates, as well as some Republicans in Montana who have expressed support for right to redress initiatives, would prefer to see state-level action. And many expect to see similar legislation resurface in the next legislative session in 2023.

The appeal of the issue across party lines was evident for a while in late February, when Sullivan’s bill was presented to the House Judiciary Committee amid a marathon of hearings prior to the transmission of the bill. During a break, Republican Rep. Jennifer Carlson, from Belgrade, approached the committee chair, Rep. Barry Usher, to let him know that she would vote to pass the measure to the entire House.

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