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Neckband or headphones – Which is better?

Image source: INDIA TV

Neckband or headphones – Which is better?

Wireless gadgets are just as normal as having a smartphone these days. People are eagerly waiting to have a gadget that could be so handy and compact.

Speaking of the hands-free experience, today’s headphones have evolved and everyone is looking for headphones that are wireless and easy to carry. Customers, at present, are eagerly waiting to get earbuds which could meet the needs such as – listening to music, tangle-free experience, excellent sound quality, noise cancellation feature during calls and good battery life that could last at least a day.

But today there is a new debate about neckbands and earbuds – which is the best option and why? Here are some points that we have summarized to clarify the fact and give an option to choose from.

Ease of use

The wireless headphones can be connected smoothly – all you have to do is connect with the smartphone’s Bluetooth and you’re good to go! Once your device is connected, you can remove the earpiece and plug it into your ears – and it will connect automatically.

Whereas, when we talk about neckband, it is a bit longer process, if compared to headphones. First we have to put it around our neck, checking that the right and left earbuds are placed correctly! Then long press the power button to turn on the device, then pair it with the smartphone, then you are done. Once paired, all you need to do is turn it on and connect the neckband.

But yeah, every time you’ll need to turn it on, making it a lengthy process compared to headphones that could be connected just by removing the case and placing it in your ears.

Risk of losing

The neck strap is safe enough to use anywhere. It hangs around the neck and when not in use, all a user will have to do is remove it and let it be! Nowadays, there are neckbands that have an auto-pause function or an auto-disconnect function when the earbuds are not in the ears. Plus, the magnetic earbuds snap together, locking them in place and reducing the risk of losing the neckband.

On the other hand, headphones are a bit risky when talking about safety and risk of losing. I ran into a little problem when I was traveling and using headphones. Since they were wireless, they indeed look smart and stylish but are not secure and there are chances of them falling off and you losing an earbud. The reason for this is that it can fall off from sweating, can get your mask or hair stuck (I’ve faced that!)

Easy to carry

Both things are easy to carry when it comes to headphones and neckband, but when it comes to carefree, then the neckband puts on the show.

We know that the headphones when removed from the ears should be kept in the case, but once you remove the headphones from your neckband, you can just keep it loose and you don’t have to worry of the case.

So the neckband can be carried easily by keeping it around the neck and for the earbuds unfortunately there is an activity – remove the ears, pull in the case, put the earbuds in the case and do the same again thing to reconnect.

Battery life and charging

When using an earphone, you just need to charge the case and use the earphones simultaneously. But with a neckband, you can’t use it while it’s charging or connected to the charger.

Overall, both have their eminence, but what I witnessed is that the headphones look fun and smart, but the neckband is secure. We may lose an earphone (it may fall out, I can keep it somewhere else, but losing the whole neckband is only possible if someone snatches it from you or you forget where it was kept .