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While applying and adapting to ever-changing techniques may seem like an awful task, there are, however, a few mantras that never change. Founder and CEO of Drive Digital and DigiHunt Academy, talks about these evergreen SEO techniques

(ProNewsReport Editorial): – Jaipur, Rajasthan, June 28, 2021 ( – SEO can be seen as one of the strong pillars of your online presence. But managing SEO and applying its techniques can be very tricky, especially with the recurring updates from Google. It’s like predicting the future, you never know if what you say will be true. Every SEO expert and digital marketing guru has their own theories and rules that work, but it’s hard to guess which one will work for your site.

While applying and adapting to ever-changing techniques may seem like a daunting task, there are, however, a few mantras that never changes. Founder and CEO of Driving digital and DigiHunt Academy talk about these evergreen SEO techniques. While there are different search engines and the SEO ranking algorithms may differ for everyone, Google seems to have reigned supreme since the 1990s. And that makes it even more difficult for site owners to optimize their content that is enough for everyone ( although it is almost impossible).

Since Google is more or less the big giant, everyone is just focusing on how their sites rank on Google’s SERPs. The role of SEO in ranking has constantly evolved from the start. Whereas before it was enough to just focus on building backlinks and writing keyword-filled content, now it’s a whole different game, taking a technical form and requiring expert skills.

Sharing his point of view on this, Prakash Mishra Said, despite all the algorithm updates and increasingly technical SEO, there are still a few basics that play an important role.

  • Content is still king:

It used to be about keyword stuffing and to some extent even using plagiarized content from already ranked sites. However, it’s not that simple anymore. By default, your content should be plagiarism free, authentic and of course qualitative. Keywords are important, but only to a point. Now the focus is on quality content. Content that interests the user and not what you want to show him.

  • High quality links always work:

Another quick SEO technique to rank sites was to build as many backlinks as possible. This technique, also known as “off-page SEO” can be considered the second pillar of SEO. The work of this technique was that Google’s algorithms determined the popularity of the site by checking the number of backlinks. While it might sound easy, Google is smarter than you might think. He updated his algorithm and cheating by creating fake links or buying links has become difficult. However, this does not erase the importance of backlinks, only that your links must not be fake and must be of high quality to convince the algorithms of the true popularity of your site.

  • NLP match and keyword search:

Google’s 2013 Hummingbird Update was a game-changer for keyword search and matching. Previously, search engine algorithms only considered exact word matches. However, after the 2013 update, it incorporated natural language processing and matched keywords based on search query intent. This means that keyword-based content is not limited to using exact words, but rather focuses on the user’s search intent.

  • Technical SEO equals user experience:

Technical SEO can be seen as the third pillar of SEO. Technical SEO is all about user experience, the way your site is built, its structure, and the experience of the user who visits it. Google has its own bots to decide on the user experience. These robots index the Internet and match search terms with indexed information when the user searches for them. For example, if your website page takes longer to load, but it can skip that page, causing you to miss the rankings as well. Previously that wasn’t very important, however, delivering a good user experience is now going to play a major role in how you shape technical SEO for bots and algorithms.

  • The importance of the mobile experience is increasing:

The SEO focus on mobile searches started a few years ago. In September 2020, Google deployed the “Mobile-First Approach” to determine the ranking of sites. This meant that all searches indexed by bots would only load mobile pages. This change was introduced because the user has moved to smaller stages and most of the research has been done on mobile. In 2016, another new kind of search results started showing that they were mostly image-centric. Google labeled this as “Rich Cards” and this type of search results started showing up at the top of the SERPs. Google introduced this new type of search results to provide more visual results to users. This meant that SEO experts also had to speed up their techniques to rank in these types of results using “structured data tags”.

“Although SEO techniques have evolved from simple keyword stuffing to the use of technical skills, the above pillars will remain intact to build your foundation for strong SEO,” says Prakash Mishra, Certified Market Researcher Google and digital marketing strategist. To learn more about Prakash Mishra’s views and strategies and stay connected with the social and digital world, you can visit:

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