Sir Patrick Vallance to lead the new Office for Science and Technology Strategy

Sir Patrick Vallance will head a new science and technology office aimed at maximizing UK strengths in both sectors, Downing Street has announced.

The Office of Science and Technology Strategy will be based in the Cabinet Office and will be responsible for setting Whitehall’s priorities in these areas.

Sir Patrick is assuming the role of National Technology Advisor alongside his current position as Chief Science Advisor to the Government.

“The new Office for Science and Technology Strategy will put science and technology at the heart of policy making and strengthen the way we work in government,” Sir Patrick said in a statement.

“I look forward to working with the National Science and Technology Council to help identify cutting-edge research and technologies that will provide a strategic advantage in the UK.”

It is part of a No 10 plan to ‘strengthen the UK’s position as a science superpower’.

A new National Council for Science and Technology will also be created and chaired by Boris Johnson.

The Prime Minister will ask the council to provide strategic direction on using science and technology as tools to address societal challenges and take it to the next level across the country.

Downing Street said Mr Johnson was tasking the whole government, working with the new board and office, to build on the success of Britain’s approach to vaccines and apply it to other priorities.

Officials say the first task of the Office of Science and Technology Strategy will be to examine which technology bets the UK should support and prioritize for strategic advantage.

The Prime Minister said: “From discovery to delivery, our vaccination program has proven what the UK can achieve on a large scale and quickly.

“With the right direction, the right pace and the right support, we can bring to life many other scientific and technological breakthroughs that are transforming the lives of people across the UK and the world.”

He added: ‘This is why I am establishing a new ministerial council and a new office at the center of government, so that we can realize the limitless possibilities that research and technology have to offer and consolidate the place of the UK. as a global scientific superpower. “

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