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Sniper Elite 5 gets a May 26 release date

Rebellion has confirmed a release date for its hyper stealth shooter, Sniper Elite 5. The game is set to launch on May 26, 2022 and centers on sniper Karl Fairburne as he fights to uncover the enigmatic Project Kraken in 1944 in France.

As is the trend with these games, players will be immersed in the World War II era, as Hitler’s rise to stardom continues to grow. You play through the eyes of an American Ranger hoping to weaken the Atlanticwall along the coast of Brittany. In contact with the French Resistance, you discover a secret Nazi plan that threatens to end the war before the Allies can invade Europe.

The gameplay is the same as before, where you shoot down enemies from afar while keeping an eye on wind direction and bullet drop (gravity). Its iconic slow motion effect is also included, allowing you to follow the ball on its path to the target and watch an X-ray vision of impact.

For traversal, the world this time includes plenty of flexibility, including ziplines, sliding down inclines, and the ability to move along ledges. Players can also find workbenches throughout their journey, which can be used to customize and upgrade every aspect of the weapon in hand – stocks, scopes, barrels, magazines, and more.

This time, the studio has also included an Invasion mode, similar to the Dark Souls Games. As an Axis (enemy) sniper, players can invade others’ countryside and engage in a deadly game of cat and mouse, providing new challenges by revealing your location to the AI enemy. Alternatively, one could also call upon one’s friends to help out in a sticky situation, thus adding a cooperative element to the game.

Then there’s the multiplayer segment, which pits 16 players against each other to test their sniper skills to complete objectives and earn medals, XP, and ribbons. Additionally, every real-world location has been captured here using photogrammetry to recreate a vivid and immersive environment. As a pre-order bonus, players will receive a bonus mission that will allow you to undertake the task of killing Führer Adolf Hitler.

Sniper Elite 5 is launching on current and legacy consoles, alongside Windows PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass.