Sophia Di Martino Says Tom Hiddleston Uses Weird Technique To Get Pumped For Scenes

Loki has been one of the most popular shows on TV lately, and for good reason. The Disney + Limited Series features Tom Hiddleston and Marvel newcomer Sophia Di Martino as they travel through time and space with the Time Variance Authority in pursuit of them.

Hiddleston is known to provide energetic and dynamic performances when filming scenes as his character, Loki. While many people might think he is naturally a lively person, it turns out that he has a unique strategy that helps him build his energy before particularly demanding scenes.

Tom Hiddleston & Sophia Di Martino Attend Marvel Studios LOKI Series Special Screening | John Phillips / Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UK

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Hiddleston co-star Di Martino revealed his weird technique during a recent interview with Additional.

“It’s so much fun, but the man has so much energy,” said Di Martino. “He’s like, physically, running around the rings – like, he’s running. Before a big energy boost, he will go running to fill up with energy and get his adrenaline pumping and he will bring all this energy to the stage.

Di Martino admitted that Hiddleston often asked him to go for a run with him before shooting scenes from Loki, but she quickly stopped participating when she realized how fast he was.

“At first he would say, ‘Come on. Come run with me. You’re like, ‘Well, I’m not running. I’ll try, but I’m not running. And then I would try to follow him and it is impossible. So I just have another donut and give up.

Tom Hiddleston’s high energy is reflected in his performances as Loki

Later in the interview, Di Martino noted that Hiddleston’s pre-film energy carries over to his on-screen performances, which is why Hiddleston has been so successful with the role over the years.

“He’s just one of those people who get their energy from energy,” said Di Martino. “He’s just… he’s got so much stuff and he’s putting so much energy into it.” He’s just throwing everything he’s got on this character and this show. I think that’s why he’s such a successful character. Because he’s been doing this for 10 years. He threw it all at Loki, and it shows. People love him.

Sophia Di Martino had to train hard to prepare for ‘Loki’

Even though Di Martino chose not to run with Hiddleston before the scenes, she did a lot of work before the shoot. Loki. Despite the intensity of her workouts, she liked the number of different forms of training she was exposed to.

“We started to prepare very early, I think it was January 2020,” she said. “The first thing we did was go into the stunt room and… start training boxing, doing sword drills, just like training, trying to get in shape, ”said Di Martino. “I just had a baby so I had a lot of work to do. … We invested a lot in it, and that was actually one of the great experiences of it all, it was just working with such amazing people and doing these things that I usually would never do. … This is a great opportunity and I absolutely loved it.
New episodes of Loki are available for streaming every Wednesday on Disney +.

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