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LOWELL, MASS. (WHDH) – The University of Massachusetts Lowell announced Wednesday that it is gradually starting to bring technology systems back online as it continues to investigate a cybersecurity incident that closed the campus on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“We continue to maintain control over all of our IT systems,” said Michael Cipriano, CIO at UMass Lowell. “While some organizations in this situation may have continued to operate their IT infrastructure while trying to manage the impact, out of caution we have suspended all network access to minimize any potential damage while we work with our partner medico – cybersecurity legal to identify and restore our systems.

A cybercrime firm offers advice and helps analyze data to close any breaches discovered, Cipriano added.

The university “prioritizes the restoration of major academic systems and databases, including Blackboard and Zoom, which provide online courses and video chat functions.”

Customer service functions have also been affected, as many central databases in which university officials collect information are temporarily offline.

The university will resume commercial activities on Thursday, but classes will not take place as officials work to extend the current summer session to make up for days lost due to the blackout.

The university will also be closed on Friday in recognition of the June 15 holiday.

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