10 characters Goku can defeat without becoming a Super Saiyan

Prior to Goku’s achievements on Earth, the Super Saiyan transformation was little more than a legend in the world of Dragon Ball. It was rumored that this power had aided Bardock in his fight against the upper class on the planet Vegeta, but it wasn’t until Bardock’s son was able to master the transformation.

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As Goku and Gohan exited the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with the Super Saiyan transformation under their control, the world of Dragon ball amended. Still, Goku is a skillful fighter without this transformation and he’s proven it by overcoming obstacles without a Super Saiyan.

ten Goku releases meme who Yamcha is before he becomes Super Saiyan

Yamcha is perhaps more of a meme than a respectable character within the Dragon ball mythos, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a mighty human warrior who has given Goku a run for his money in the past.

If the wolf fist practitioner has perfected his strength since the days of Dragon ball he could fight against a Goku who cannot become a Super Saiyan. Yet even without blonde hair, Goku has the advantage here.

9 Master Roshi takes an “L” because of Goku’s youth

Master Roshi has the best chance of all the other characters on this list of beating Goku in battle thanks to an interesting little trick known as the Evil Containment Wave.

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Master Roshi’s seemingly endless knowledge of situational martial arts techniques may be enough to surprise Goku in a battle of mind, but even without becoming a Super Saiyan, Goku is stronger and faster than Master Roshi.

8 Puar’s ability as a shapeshifter might fool Goku, but it won’t beat him

The ability to take the form of anyone or anything is a powerful skill, but Puar is far too fragile to stand up to Goku in a battle of strength.

By the time Goku realized that Puar was little more than a shapeshifter raccoon, that battle would be over. Fans can be sure this would happen before Goku entered Super Saiyan.

7 Bulma is smart, but not strong enough to push Goku to become a Super Saiyan

Anime Dragon Ball Bulma Shoots Kid Goku

The Bulma Vs. Epic The Goku game everyone has been waiting for is finally here. Bulma enters the ring with a host of scientific and technological inventions and Goku enters with a history of training in supernatural martial arts.

Dragon ball made it clear that its fantasy elements are more powerful than its sci-fi elements, putting Bulma at a disadvantage in this fight. Even if she was able to whip up some sort of incredible Iron Man-type costume, Goku would pull it out before needing to transform into a Super Saiyan.

6 Colonel Silver may rule the Red Ribbon Army, but he will never rule Goku

Dragon Ball Anime _ Colonel Silver _ Red Ribbon Army

Colonel Silver is not a name that many casual Dragon ball fans will remember that. The leader of the Red Ribbon Army was rendered very poorly by being used as a filler villain throughout the original Dragon ball lively.

Despite his high rank and martial arts background, he doesn’t stand a chance against the child Goku let alone that Goku fans now know and love.

5 Hercules is awesome by human standards, but Goku is just plain awesome

Dragon Ball Z Hercules Satan Anime Tournament

Hercules can claim to be the greatest martial artist on Earth, but every true Dragon ball the fan knows he’s more of a meme than anything else. Even though Hercules has more martial arts experience than Goku, the Saiyan is faster and stronger than Hercules ever was.

Before Goku ever needed to tap into his legendary Saiyan strength, Hercules would have already prepared 3 or 4 excuses as to why he was beaten by Kakarot.

4 Emperor Pilaf never had much luck against Goku


The original antagonist of Goku, Bulma and Oolong is none other than Emperor Pilaf. The cute little Emperor may have access to a long list of dangerous inventions and hidden floor panels, but that doesn’t make him a match for Goku.

Even before training under the guidance of Master Roshi, Goku and his friends managed to defeat Emperor Pilaf. Today, Pilaf wouldn’t stand a chance.

3 Oolong falls victim to Goku for the same reason Puar fails

Oolong shows up

Oolong may have been Goku’s horseman or death for the first few episodes of Dragon ball but as soon as a better, more powerful boy was introduced, the shapeshifter pig was quickly replaced.

If Goku can outdo all of the other OG members of the Z Fighter crew without becoming a Super Saiyan, it goes without saying that he could defeat Oolong in the same way. Goku wins this one without breaking a sweat.

2 Goku can’t beat Prince Vegeta without Super Saiyan, but he could defeat King Vegeta

King Vegeta

The father of Prince Vegeta and King of the Saiyan people can wear a heavy set of titles, but that doesn’t mean he can surpass Goku. Although, given the difference between Earth’s gravity and planet Vegeta’s gravity, it might not be fair to compare these two by their important milestones.

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Yet Kakarot accomplished what King Vegeta never could when he defeated Frieza and the Ginyu Force during their invasion of Earth. In a battle of strength between the King of Saiyan and Kakarot, Goku would surely win, even without tapping into the legendary power of the Super Saiyan.

1 Yajirobe may be Ronin, but he doesn’t stand a chance against Goku

Anime Dragon Ball Young Yajirobe And Goku

The cowardly Ronin Trope may be overkill in anime today, but at one point Yajirobe was a beloved anime character. Today you will be lucky so relaxed Dragon ball fans even recognize Yajirobe.

Fans would have a harder time recognizing this if Goku ever had a real reason to go to war with the Wandering Samurai. Despite his skills with a katana, Goku far surpasses Yajirobe in terms of speed, strength and agility.

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