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Category "C++" (16)

C++: dynamical DLL Share on Vkontakte

Lazy loading in your app ... Reveal Code

C++: StopForumSpam

This is a complete console program compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 that demonstrates how to access the api from (SFS). The program sends a list of ip address to SFS and gets a reply that indicates which ones have been reported as spammers. The list of IP addresses is obtained from a tab deliminated file which was generated from a vBulletin forum web site. You can easily modify the program to get the list of ip address from some other stream.\r\n ... Reveal Code

C++: Merge sort Share on Vkontakte

Merge sort ... Reveal Code

C++: Перегрузка арифметичкских операторов Share on Vkontakte

Арифметические операторы: +; -; *; /
Логические операторы: ==; != ... Reveal Code

C++: Простейший functor Share on Vkontakte

Простейший пример функтора ... Reveal Code

C++: Функция main() Share on Vkontakte

Функция main в стиле ООП
* Заготовка главного класса приложения.
* Перехватчик необработанных исключений ... Reveal Code

C++: Random Share on Vkontakte

Boost/std device random ... Reveal Code

C++: Get/Post Request POCO lib Share on Vkontakte

Get/Post Request POCO lib ... Reveal Code

C++: GCD Share on Vkontakte

A Very simple function for finding greatest common divisor of two integers ... Reveal Code

C++: unique vector Share on Vkontakte

removes duplicate elements ... Reveal Code

C++: float RegExp Share on Vkontakte

takes a float number ... Reveal Code

C++: map of pointers to functions Share on Vkontakte

map of pointers to functions ... Reveal Code

C++: Private members Share on Vkontakte

access to private members ... Reveal Code

C++: XOR Share on Vkontakte

XOR for each character in the string ... Reveal Code

C++: Get Between the String Share on Vkontakte

returns the string between two strings ... Reveal Code