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Category "Delphi" (12)

Delphi: Delay without blocking of the main thread Share on Vkontakte

Function delays program logic execution for a number of miliseconds, The GUI and Windows messages will continue to work. ... Reveal Code

Delphi: Version of EXE or DLL file Share on Vkontakte

Function returns version of Exe/Dll file as "" string ... Reveal Code

Delphi: Give a new name if the file already exists Share on Vkontakte

Give a new name if the file already exists ... Reveal Code

Delphi: Get MAC address Share on Vkontakte

Get MAC address for 1st network adapter ... Reveal Code

Delphi: Get temp directory Share on Vkontakte

Get Windows temp directory. Will return something like this: C:UsersMyUserNameAppDataLocalTemp ... Reveal Code

Delphi: Clear the IE cache Share on Vkontakte

Completely clean the IE cache ... Reveal Code

Delphi: Bytes formatting Share on Vkontakte

Formatting byte values to a more readable values ... Reveal Code

Delphi: Замена подстроки в сторке Share on Vkontakte

Замена всех подстрок в данной строке. Функция была использована от Delphi 7 до Delphi XE3. ... Reveal Code

Delphi: Add a message to log Share on Vkontakte

Add a message to TRichEdit based log. Message will be in a format: [CURRENT_DATE CURRENT_TIME]: MESSAGE_TEXT ... Reveal Code

Delphi: Get MD5 value Share on Vkontakte

Get MD5 value, in the same way as it PHP does. ... Reveal Code

Delphi: Get the version of a file Share on Vkontakte

Get the version of a file. The function was used from Delphi 7 to Delphi XE3. ... Reveal Code