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10 ways to grow your brand on social media | Tech News

There are many benefits to using social media to grow a business and create an online persona that showcases a brand’s values ​​and services. A defined social media strategy can help businesses be more profitable, establish credibility, and gain a strategic advantage over the competition. Social media has become a powerful marketing tool as it is accessible anytime, anywhere and is a fun and engaging way to share and gather information.

According to the most recent data from Statista, in 2021, 82% of the American population has a profile on social networks, the most popular platform being Facebook. In 2021, nearly 92% of US marketers needed to use social media for marketing purposes.

Planoly consulted research from social media influencers, brand managers and marketing agencies to compile 10 of the best ways to start building your brand on social media.

There are different strategies for businesses and brands to up their social media marketing game. This can be something as simple as taking more time to learn about your audience and creating content accordingly, or following and interacting with accounts that may be similar and relevant to your brand. It’s also helpful to include relevant hashtags, although you don’t go overboard with them in posts. Be sure to include hashtags that will interest your target audience.

A copy-and-paste approach might seem ideal when posting content to various social platforms, but sometimes it helps to take the time to curate and differentiate content for each respective platform. What attracts attention on Facebook can fall into the ether on Twitter and vice versa. Giving your social accounts a more authentic feel may require a more unique posting method based on your target audience.

Keep reading to discover 10 strategies you can use to grow your social media brand.