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Category "CSS" (8)

CSS: Sticky footer solution Share on Vkontakte

Sticky footer solution by Steve Hatcher ... Reveal Code

CSS: Different links style Share on Vkontakte

Different links style depending on the type of these links ... Reveal Code

CSS: Table borders for ie9 & ie10 Share on Vkontakte

fix error with some tables in ie. ... Reveal Code

CSS: Cross-Browser Inline-Block Share on Vkontakte

…for very old browsers. ... Reveal Code

CSS: Cross-browser transparency Share on Vkontakte

Cross-browser transparency. Works equally well in IE, FF, Chrome, Safari and Opera. ... Reveal Code

CSS: Box shadow Share on Vkontakte

Cross-browser CSS box shadow ... Reveal Code

CSS: Rounded corners Share on Vkontakte

Cross-browser CSS rounded corners ... Reveal Code