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By Joan Hunter Mayer

Happy to see you again! In Part 1 of this two-part series, we defined three of the most common dog training philosophies: powerless, aversive, and “balanced”. We looked at how reinforcement and punishment relate to animal behavior and compared how each of the three techniques approaches the use of training collars, the use of rewards in training, and looked at what leading veterinary behaviorists are saying about the effects. animal welfare training styles.

In Part 2, the discussion continues with a more in-depth look at how each technique compares in terms of the time required, the potential for fallout, considering each dog as an individual, the effects of training methodologies. training on animal keepers and finally we think about what it can be like to walk a mile in the paws of our dogs.

Time commitment

Without force The methods encourage pet sitters to take the time to train their dogs and teach them the behaviors they want them to adopt in the future. A parent of a pet on the go may be disappointed that quick fixes don’t really work here. A training plan that helps keepers and dogs achieve their training goals can take time, patience, and commitment.

In order to prepare puppies for success, the emphasis is on prevention, teaching dog sitters to be “problem preventers” as well as “problem solvers”. Dog parents depend on their dog’s environment to plan ahead and prepare for real-life challenges with plenty of short, fun workouts to learn and reinforce desired behaviors.

Aversive – It’s easy for pet parents to find “experts” who guarantee a quick solution to many common challenges and easy for busy dog ​​sitters to find aversive collars that are sold to provide “feedback” to dogs in order to “correct” unwanted behavior.

‘Balance’ – Although correction-based and “balanced” training methods offer the apparent advantage of quick results, it can take a lot of time (and resources) down the road to try and undo any emotional fallout that may occur. .

Unintended consequences

We are human; and like our dogs, we sometimes make mistakes. So what happens to your dog, in each of the three scenarios, if you “mess” the method? We will take a look.

Without force – If you ‘accidentally’ give a treat at the wrong time, or if you are out of time, you may inadvertently reinforce unintentional behavior, such as jumping in the air instead of sitting down. But… the other side effect is that your dog receives an extra treat, thus strengthening the bond between you in a positive way – like a winter holiday bonus in July!

Aversive – On the flip side, an accidental bump or pinch can cause additional damage and inadvertently create a negative conditioned response to anything and everyone at that time, including you, other pets, and children. This means that people and places that evoked a happy response, or no reaction at all, could now trigger feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress in your dog.

‘Balance’ – Again, the risks of negative fallout are the same for “balanced” training as for aversive training methods because the focus is on behavior (s) and not on exploiting relationships trust and affection between man and dog.

All dogs are individuals

Without force The methods approach each dog as an individual and extend the same respect to the people who love them. The emphasis is on promoting the behaviors you want by using the rewards that best motivate your dog. At the same time, humane training is suitable for all races, all ages, and indeed all species. The basic concept that the reinforced behaviors are repeated holds true for miniature poodles, great danes, humans, dolphins, chickens, elephants… you get the idea.

Aversive – You might hear that “all dogs are individuals” means that some need a “heavier hand” in training. Take the previous example from the first part of a dog who has difficulty walking on a loose leash. Unlike this example where we researched the possible underlying causes of pulling behavior and how to address them, the solution offered in this category might involve a training collar that pinches, chokes, or shocks your dog to provide ‘feedback’ for it. “Help him to remember” not to shoot.

‘Balance’ training attempts to accommodate the individuality of dogs and their people by sometimes including the use of force, fear and intimidation in dog training. But not all the time.

Individual personality or breed differences do not change the fact that ethical concerns apply to all pets. As guardians, we have taken on an obligation to do our best to understand and meet their basic physical, mental and emotional needs and keep them safe and comfortable.

What’s in it for you?

Think about what to expect from your relationship with your dog as you sort through some of the important characteristics of each philosophy.

Without force the training aims to:

  • To ensure the general physical and mental well-being of dogs.
  • Use only efficient and humane techniques to create and maintain a harmonious home.
  • Strengthens the human-canine bond.
  • Help establish and foster relationships of love, joy, and mutual respect between pets and their families.
  • Help dogs learn to trust the training process and those who teach them.
  • Improve and enrich the lives of dogs so that they can thrive.
  • Offer dog sitters a stimulating way to limit inappropriate behavior, without dogs wearing uncomfortable devices.
  • Never ask pet parents to harm, hurt, scare, frighten or annoy their dogs.
  • Go beyond basic “obedience” techniques and develop valuable canine “parenting” skills that will allow you to raise a happy, healthy dog.

Aversive methods :

  • Often use training collars which sometimes alter unwanted behavior.
  • Ask some pet parents if training collars will hurt their dogs. Dog sitters may ask, “Is there a ‘right’ way to harm my dog? “
  • Can lead to a false sense of security. For example, electronic fence systems that use shock collars may not keep pets on the property and / or prevent predators from entering the property, leading to tragic consequences.
  • Can backfire on you, resulting in retaliation (a bite or attack) and a loose bond.
  • Risk of creating learned helplessness: Dogs fearing severe corrections may be so afraid to do anything that they decide not to do anything at all, appearing “lazy” and “distant” (when in fact they are traumatized and arrested).
  • Over time, dogs can become conditioned to the aversive stimulus and animal keepers will need to increase the intensity of the “correction” in an attempt to change behavior. Ask yourself, “How far are you willing to go?”

Balance‘ Coaching:

  • Has all the same disadvantages of aversive methods (due to the use of training collars and corrections).
  • Lacks the benefits of training without strength (because it is not without strength).

Is there a chance that you won’t deteriorate your relationship with your dog if you take a correction-based or “balanced” training approach? Yes – dogs are generally tolerant, loyal, resilient, and adaptable. Does that mean you should risk harming them when there are gentler, safer, and proven effective options?

Final thoughts

When you consider your many training options, their pros and cons, and the position of leading veterinary behavior organizations, there is one more voice to add to the mix: that of your dog. If given the option, would your dog choose training games and treats? Or be pinched, choked, or shocked when you engage in species-appropriate natural behaviors, such as sniffing or barking? Or a hodge-podge approach where she could be praised one moment and punished the next, not knowing what to do or who to trust?

The truth is, dogs don’t choose your training style. It’s yours. Our dogs trust us to speak for them and make the most scientifically and ethically informed decisions possible when it comes to their care. And that’s why training techniques are important to you and your curious dog.

The Inquisitive Canine was founded by Joan Hunter Mayer, Santa Barbara Canine Behavior Consultant and Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Joan and her team are dedicated to providing humane, pawsitive and practical solutions that address the challenges dogs and their humans face in everyday life. Let’s go to bark with the dogs, cheer on the humans and have fun!

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Cool New Technique Enables Easier Property Measurements of Key Particles Wed, 25 Aug 2021 15:06:29 +0000

Scientists from the BASE collaboration, led by scientists from RIKEN, have developed a new cooling method that will make it easier to measure a property of protons and antiprotons called the magnetic moment. This is one of the properties that is being studied to solve the mystery of why our universe contains matter but almost no antimatter.

Our universe should, according to the Standard Model, have equal amounts of matter and antimatter, but in reality it doesn’t. To find out why, scientists around the world are trying to uncover tiny differences between the two that could solve the mystery. One promising avenue is to explore whether there are differences in the magnetic moment of the proton and the antiproton, and the BASE experiment, based at CERN, is trying to determine this. Using a sophisticated device – a Penning trap capable of capturing and detecting a single particle – the BASE team has in the past succeeded in improving the accuracy of measurements of the magnetic moments of protons and antiprotons of a factor thirty and over three orders of magnitude, respectively, leading to a test for matter / antimatter symmetry at the 1.5 parts in a billion level, essentially finding that the magnets in the proton and antiproton are nine-digit similar significant!

One difficulty among many in performing such experiments is that to measure magnetic moments accurately, the particles must be maintained at temperatures near absolute zero, -273.15 ° C. In previous experiments, cold temperatures were prepared using a technique known as “selective resistive cooling”, which is time consuming and, according to researchers, “similar to rolling a die with 100 faces, trying to roll. a 1”.

For the current experiment, published in Nature, the BASE collaboration reported the very first demonstration of ‘sympathetic cooling’ of a single proton by coupling the particle to a cloud of laser-cooled 9Be + ions. Sympathetic cooling involves using lasers or other devices to cool one type of particle, and then using those particles to transfer heat from the particle they want to cool. With this technique, the group simultaneously cooled a resonant mode of a tuned macroscopic superconducting circuit with laser-cooled ions, and also achieved sympathetic cooling of a single trapped proton, reaching temperatures near absolute zero.

The technique described in the recent article is an important first step towards drastically reducing the faces on the dice collector, with the vision of ideally reducing the surface to one. “We report an important first step, and further development of this method will ultimately lead to an ideal spin-tilt experiment, in which a single low-temperature proton will be prepared in just a few seconds. This will allow us to determine the spin state of the particle in a single measurement which takes about a minute, ”explains Christian Smorra, one of the scientists leading the study. “This is considerably faster than our previous magnetic moment measurements and will improve both the sampling statistics and the resolution of our systematic studies,” adds Matthew Bohman, doctoral student at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg and premier author to study it.

“In addition, the reported achievement has applications not only in proton / antiproton magnetic moment measurements. It adds general new technology to the toolbox of precision Penning trap physics, and also has potential applications in other nuclear magnetic moment measurements, ultra-precise comparisons of charge-to-mass ratios in traps. of Penning, or even in improving production. antihydrogen ”, adds Stefan Ulmer, spokesperson for the BASE collaboration and chief scientist of the RIKEN Fundamental Symmetries Laboratory.

The BASE collaboration runs three experiments, one at the CERN Antimatter Plant, one at the University of Hanover and one at the University of Mainz, the laboratory where the new method was actually implemented. The reported study is the result of collaboration between RIKEN, the German company Max Planck, the universities of Mainz, Hanover and Tokyo, the German metrology institute PTB, CERN and GSI Darmstadt. The work was supported by the Max Planck Center, RIKEN, PTB for time, constants and fundamental symmetries.

/ Public distribution. This material is from the original organization and may be ad hoc in nature, edited for clarity, style and length. See it in full here.

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This Kashmiri artist created an ancient map of Srinagar on fabric using the paper mache technique Mon, 23 Aug 2021 01:21:42 +0000

Winner of four national awards and one international award, Maqbool Jan, an artist from the Lal Bazaar area in Srinagar, made an old map of the city on fabric using the technique of papier-mâché and watercolors.

The 56-year-old artist from Srinagar wants to see this work on display in the Indian Parliament.

“It took me two years to draw the ancient city map of Srinagar on a 5 x 7 foot white fabric using the papier mache technique. It will take another month to complete it, ”says Jan, who is a registered craftsman with the Department of Handicrafts.

He adds that his wish is to see his masterpiece exhibited in Parliament, the Kashmir Assembly or in a museum.

“The new generation should see our culture through our art. This would give a lot of impetus to the artisans of the Kashmir valley. Paper mache is the heart of our heritage, ”he says.

Maqbool Jan with his artwork showing the ancient map of the city of Srinagar

Jan tells Your story that the idea of ​​making the old map of the city of Srinagar came to his mind when he saw his city lose its glory due to the pollution of water bodies, encroachments and illegal constructions .

“Through this art, I send a stronger and clearer message that we must preserve our heritage. Kashmir is known for its natural beauty and pristine glory and we should try to protect it. “

Jan adds: “I want to show how our famous Dal Lake looked like ancient Srinagar, and what ancient Srinagar looked like. What our shrines, mosques and gardens looked like earlier. In order to boost the tourism sector, we need to take care of our tourist destinations. “

Jan was inspired to create this card from a shawl on display at the Srinagar Museum. The card on this shawl is drawn by Sozni job. Jan wanted to recreate the same with papier mache.

The art of papier-mâché

There is no such school where young people in the Kashmir valley learn the art of papier-mâché, but Jan has already tried to train dozens of students.

In his residence in the Mughal Mohalla district of Lal Bazar, Jan works alongside his colleague Firdous Hussain Jan and his wife. In one room Jan and his colleague are busy working on papier mache and in another room his wife paints the paper mache containers, glasses and other objects.

Soon after losing his father, Jan joined the art and created an unparalleled profession.

“Unfortunately, there is no institute where papier mache can be taught. For a long time, artists have called for a course to be set up by institutions in the Kashmir valley to elevate this art form, ”explains Jan.

In 2015, Maqbool won the National award for papier mâché and received the President’s Award of India at a grand ceremony in New Delhi honoring artisans from across the country.

With over 40 years of experience, Maqbool is a prolific painter and papier-mâché artist from Kashmir, having already won a State Prize in 2013.

Maqbool Jan is working on the old Srinagar city map with his colleague

Cashmere and papier-mâché art

Historically, the art of papier-mâché was introduced to Kashmir in the 15th century by a Kashmiri prince who had spent years in prison in Samarkand in Central Asia.

However, some believe that the history of papier-mâché in the region dates back to the 14th century, when a Muslim saint – Mir Syed Ali Hamdani, known as Shah-e-Hamdan – brought skilled artists to Kashmir from Persia. .

During the period of the Sultanate of Kashmir in the 14th century, large numbers of migrants, especially those from Persia and Central Asia, traveled to Kashmir and introduced many arts and crafts, according to historians.

The art of papier-mâché has been passed down orally from generation to generation. Today, papier-mâché artisans can still be found in the narrow lanes of downtown Srinagar.

A dying art form

Jan also laments that he does not earn enough from this art and called on the government to promote the art of papier mache so that artisans have a good life.

“I want the art of papier-mâché to reach our future generations, but I’m afraid young people will take an interest in it, given the paltry income that an artist is capable of generating. I have always asked the government to take care of the artists so that more crafts are created which will uplift the tourism sector in Jammu and Kashmir. I have always realized that tourists are fond of local crafts, ”he says.

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I’m about to become a much better golfer Sun, 22 Aug 2021 12:48:00 +0000 During lessons and practice, you identify what you did wrong with the last shot, make the corrections, and shoot another bullet to swing again.

Each week this summer, Citizen Editor-in-Chief Neil Godbout will share his golf learning experience at Prince George Golf and Curling Club. Want to participate in a free game with Neil? Just send him a message at

Week 12

As a newbie golfer playing seriously for the first time in my 50s, good technique applied consistently is my only way forward, as I learned last week.

My lesson with Prince George Golf and Curling Club pro Blair Scott went really well and I can say he was quite happy with my recent progress. Of course, the success of a course and a practice does not guarantee a similar quality on the course. During lessons and practice, you identify what you did wrong with the last shot, make the corrections, and shoot another bullet to swing again.

During a round on the course, however, you have to live with your bad shot and then deal with it while you wait for others to play and walk towards your ball to hit again. What often happens to me is that if I make a mistake once, I will repeat the mistake over the next couple of shots because I can only work mentally and lack the experience to easily make changes. physical requirements.

My chauffeur-driven tee shots are an ongoing battle. Either I throw the ball too low and hit low lines, or I play too high and hit a ball that goes almost as high in the air as it does forward down the fairway. Many golfers use their fingers or knuckles as a tool to drive the tee into the ground. Others rate it based on how much ball is higher than the top of the driver’s face.

Positioning my feet with the driver is also a problem. My recent playing partners have pointed out that my front foot should be closer to the ball. As soon as I made this fix I was hitting it much cleaner and not hitting the ground behind the ball before contact. I did it for a few holes, then quickly forgot about it and fell back into bad habits. Again, proper technique applied consistently.

In last week’s round I shot a 132 which is my best of the season but a frustrating result as Blair and others say they can see my improvement and I feel like I’m hitting better. The bottom line is that I shot a 61 on the first nine, including a bogey on the seventh and a double bogey on the eighth. I shoot bogey and double bogey on 18 holes and improve my score by 30 strokes. It is golf respectability that I am looking for.

But of course the score will work itself out if I can consistently include technical improvements in the game. I know I’m on my way to becoming a much better golfer. The best technique is there, but not always. Bad habits and bad results are still too constant but are less common than before.

With only about seven weeks left in the season, it’s time to move on.

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Main key players in the 3D printing market in the construction market: Yingchuang Building Technique (Winsun), Xtreee, Monolite UK, Apis Cor, Centro Sviluppo Progetti (CSP), etc. Sun, 22 Aug 2021 08:24:02 +0000

Predicting the Scope of Growth: 3D Printing in the Construction Market
The 3D printing in the construction market was posted at xx USD ML in 2019 and is expected to increase by xx USD ML during the forecast period. The research is used to assess the 3D Printing in Construction market in an over time forecast. Industry revenue figures for each geography are included in the 3D Printing in Construction analysis report. The 3D Printing in Construction study also includes an industry overview of emerging innovations focused on creative business models, growth opportunities, competitive strategic backdrop, and a variety of value-added products that can drive market growth. . Likewise, the search presents the most recent demand estimate for the expected time period.

Competition spectrum:
Yingchuang Construction Technique (Winsun)
Monolite United Kingdom
Apis Cor
Centro Sviluppo Progetti (CSP)
Cybe Construction
Beijing Huashang Luhai Technology
Custom Total
Cazza construction technologies
3d printing

In addition to assessing the industry’s share in terms of production, development and valuation, the 3D Printing in Construction study assesses the industry’s share in terms of demand, growth and valuation. The report also details the market status and forecast by country, application, vendor, and form. 3D Printing in Construction research covers market share, market dynamics, challenges and opportunities, future trends, demand drivers, growth rate, entry barriers and risks, Porter’s five forces, distribution networks and distributor analysis. 3D Printing in Construction research incorporates the estimation of market volume and value. To test and quantify the total scale of the sector, top-down and bottom-up methods are used.

Find the full report and the table of contents here: @

This research review includes a separate study of key industry dynamics, regulation, and macro and microeconomic metrics used in this research analysis. Market analysis used this approach to determine the competitiveness of the key segment during the forecasting process. The 3D Printing in Construction market research study is classified, described and profiled the market in terms of raw materials, classifications, product specifications, cost structures, descriptions, customer profiles, manufacturing process, and applications. The study also examines key business factors including product benefits, demand, supply, cost, efficiency, capacity, and market growth structure.

The market is roughly divided into:

• Analysis by product type:

• Application analysis:

• Segmentation by region with details on country specific developments
North America (United States, Canada, Mexico)
Europe (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Central and Eastern Europe, CIS)
Asia Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN, India, rest of Asia-Pacific)
Latin America (Brazil, rest of LA)
Middle East and Africa (Turkey, CCG, Rest of Middle East)

Chapter One: Presentation of the Report
1.1 Scope of the study
1.2 Key market segments
1.3 Players Covered: Ranking by 3D Printing in Construction Revenue
1.4 Market Analysis by Type
1.4.1 3D Printing Market Size Growth Rate by Type: 2020 VS 2028
1.5 Market by Application
1.5.1 Construction 3D Printing Market Share by Application: 2020 VS 2028
1.6 Study objectives
1.7 years taken into account

Chapter Two: Growth Trends by Regions
2.1 3D Printing Construction Market Perspective (2015-2028)
2.2 Growth Trends of 3D Printing in Construction by Regions
2.2.1 3D Printing in Construction Market Size by Regions: 2015 VS 2020 VS 2028
2.2.2 Historical Construction 3D Printing Market Share by Regions (2015-2020)
2.2.3 3D Printing in Construction Forecasted Market Size by Regions (2021-2028)
2.3 Industry trends and growth strategy
2.3.1 Main market trends
2.3.2 Market Drivers
2.3.3 Market challenges
2.3.4 Porter’s five forces analysis
2.3.5 3D Printing in Construction Market Growth Strategy
2.3.6 Main interviews with the main players in 3D printing among construction players (opinion leaders)

Chapter Three: Competition Landscape by Key Players
3.1 Major Construction 3D Printing Players by Market Size
3.1.1 Main 3D Printing Players in Construction by Revenue (2015-2020)
3.1.2 3D Printing in Construction Revenue Market Share by Players (2015-2020)
3.1.3 Construction 3D Printing Market Share by Company Type (Level 1, Chapter Two Level: and Level 3)
3.2 3D Printing in Construction Market Concentration Report
3.2.1 Construction 3D Printing Market Concentration Ratio (Chapter Five: and HHI)
3.2.2 Top Chapter Ten: and Top 5 Companies by 3D Printing in Construction Revenue in 2020
3.3 3D printing in construction Headquarters of key players and area served
3.4 Key Players 3D Printing in Construction Products Solution and Service
3.5 Date of entry into 3D printing in the construction market
3.6 Mergers & Acquisitions, Expansion Plans

Do you have a specific question or requirement? Ask our industry [email protected]

You are looking to provoke fruitful business relationships with you!

Primary and secondary methodologies have been used to study the precise market sales as well as their breakdowns. Comprehensive primary research, such as polls, expert opinions, profiles and secondary ratings in trade journals, industry directories, paid outlets, and more, has been included in the 3D Printing review in the construction. Furthermore, the 3D Printing in Construction market research analyzes the data collected from various industry analysts and major market players around industry value chain to provide a concise quantitative and qualitative overview. This research has been used to assess major players in the 3D Printing in Construction market, with precise market shares estimated for primary and secondary research funding.

About Us:
Orbis Research ( is a one stop shop for all of your market research needs. We have a large database of reports from leading publishers and authors around the world. We specialize in providing personalized reports according to the requirements of our clients. We have complete information about our publishers and are therefore confident of the correctness of the industries and verticals of their specialization. This helps our clients to map their needs and we produce the perfect market research required for our clients.

Contact us:
Hector Costello
Senior Manager Client Engagement
4144N central highway,
Office 600, Dallas,
Texas 75204, United States
Phone number: United States: +1 (972) -362-8199 | IND: +91 895 659 5155

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5 Great Digital Marketing Techniques Every Service-Based Business Can Benefit From Wed, 11 Aug 2021 20:25:04 +0000

Digital marketing refers to the implementation of marketing techniques that can help you improve your business’ online presence, as well as connect with potential customers. As a service-based business, you need to manage your digital marketing well if you want to gain as many customers as possible.

In this guide, we’ll go over five great digital marketing techniques that can benefit your service business.

Focus on improving your SEO to reach the right people

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that increases the visibility of your website on search engines. There are three main elements to having successful SEO strategies and these are content, link building and technical SEO.

Content refers to information posted on your website to provide value to your audience. It can be various formats such as text, image, video or audio. When it comes to link building, this is the process of getting hyperlinks from other websites to yours.

And, when it comes to technical SEO, that involves making sure that your website meets certain technical requirements that will allow it to be found by search engines. Each of these components plays a very important role in helping you rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

If you want to improve your website’s SEO, you should also focus on keyword research, which is finding relevant search terms or keywords that your target audience enters into search engines on a regular basis. And, when you find those keywords, you’ll want to incorporate them into your text in a natural but effective way.

Let’s take a look at an example of a service-based website that has been well optimized for search.

Trainer Academy is a company that provides quality study materials to help people pass their personal trainer certifications. In order to boost their SEO, they make sure to provide informative and quality content to their audience.

For example, they have an article on the best personal trainer certifications people can get, which they used to target a wide range of keywords. And their efforts are certainly paying off, as the article ranks on the first page of Google for related queries which has a collective monthly search volume of 3,940.

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of keyword research when it comes to improving your site’s SEO. And, to help you with keyword research, be sure to use specialist tools like those from Ahrefs or Moz.

Publish content marketing that offers a lot of value

Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of valuable content that can attract and educate your audience, as well as motivate them to buy from your business. By consistently creating quality content, you will be able to attract more traffic to your target audience’s website.

To create high quality content marketing that gets results, you need to make sure that you are writing for your audience and not for the search engines. Think about the issues affecting your ideal customer and try to create engaging content that will be useful to them. To do this, you will need to come up with relevant topics that will interest your audience.

One way to find these topics is to join social media forums like Reddit or Quora and then search for conversations about topics in your niche. When you find these threads, you’ll see the areas where people need help, so you can create topics to fill in the gaps and provide useful information.

Now let’s take a look at how a particular business is using content marketing to bring a lot of value to their audience so that you can do the same.

FreshBooks is a company that provides accounting software for small and medium businesses. And, on their website, they post useful articles that can add value to their audience. For example, they have a blog post that explains how to write a winning billing letter.

Since they are in the accounting business, they know that there are some people who might not understand the importance of sending a billing letter with their invoices. So they created an article to explain billing letters, how to prepare them, and even included a template to help people get started. This can be very useful for small businesses and is a great way for FreshBooks to deliver value to their audience. You can also mimic this strategy by researching the weak spots your customers are facing and then creating content to answer their questions. This will gain their trust and could lead to a lot of sales.

Write guest articles for websites in your field of work

Guest posting (also known as guest blogging) is the act of writing content for posting on other websites. This is a very effective link building tactic that can be good for your SEO, and it helps you market your business.

To find good guest posting opportunities, you can simply search Google using a query such as “write for us [your niche]”. So for example, if you were in the health industry and wanted to post articles on other sites, you can easily google it with the term “write for us health” and you will get a list of various blogs and websites that accept guest posts. locations. See the image below for an idea of ​​the results you would get.

When you have a list of websites that accept placements, you will want to filter out the low quality sites and you can do this using a domain authority checker tool. This gives you information about a website’s strength and its ability to help you rank with a link.

After selecting your sites, you can now send personalized pitches to the editors of these blogs. Most websites will have guidelines along with their contact details, so make sure you read and understand their rules. Also, try to follow these publishers on social media so that you can establish a connection beforehand.

If you’re struggling to come up with topics for your guest posts, try searching for keywords or joining social media forums to get ideas on topics. We explained both of these techniques earlier in this article and it’s worth trying them out so that you can get some engaging topic ideas that will help you write high-quality articles.

Use only the most appropriate social media platforms

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that all business owners should take advantage of. But too many people make the mistake of trying to be on all platforms at once, which can negatively impact the quality of your content.

You should prioritize quality over quantity, which means you should focus on using fewer social platforms. To choose the most suitable platforms for your business, be sure to consider your target audience. Ideally, you want to opt for social platforms where your customers are present and active.

For inspiration, let’s look at the example of a company that has done a good job choosing an ideal social media platform to post.

Most people know Starbucks for their great-tasting coffees, but what you might not know is how much they use social media to engage with their customers. Take, for example, their Instagram account. It’s filled with aesthetic photos and videos of drinks that they use to connect with customers and start conversations. These types of visual content work great on Instagram, as well as captions or interesting questions that they use to get their followers talking in the comments section.

They also repost some of their customers’ posts which helps improve brand loyalty as people feel like they are part of the brand. As a service company, you also need to make sure you select social media platforms that are right for your type of audience. And, when you do, make sure to use high-quality photos and posts to grab the attention of your followers and make it easier for them to engage with your brand.

Pay attention to your marketing performance and adapt

You shouldn’t just make a digital marketing plan and follow it blindly – it’s important that you closely monitor results and adapt your strategy as you go.

To gauge how well your campaigns are performing, you need to monitor KPIs like how many impressions your campaigns are getting or click-through rates that tell you how many people actually clicked on your campaign when they saw it. You should also monitor how many conversions you get on your website or high bounce rates that tell you people are leaving your site without interacting.

If you notice that your strategy is not delivering quite the results you want, that doesn’t mean you should give up. Just as RMIT Online explains in its Guide to the Best Marketing Skills, you need to learn and master adaptability in order to stay flexible and stay tuned to the data that will help you develop new strategies.


If you are running a service business, there are some digital marketing techniques that you should definitely use.

You can start by posting valuable content for your audience, writing guest posts for reputable sites, or using the social media platforms most appropriate for your business. Once you get started with these, it won’t be long before you can implement the rest of the tips and start seeing results from your digital marketing efforts.

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3D Printing Construction Material Market Size & Revenue Analysis Mon, 09 Aug 2021 08:56:21 +0000

A new Research Report published by JCMR under the title Global 3D Printing Construction Material Market (COVID 19 Version) can grow into the world’s most important market which has played an important role in making progressive impacts on the global economy. Tea Global 3D Printing Construction Material Market Report presents a dynamic vision for concluding and researching market size, market hope and competitive environment. The study is derived from primary and secondary Research and consists of qualitative & Quality analysis. The main company in this Research is Yingchuang Building Technique (China), XtreeE (France), Apis Cor (Russia), Monolite UK (UK), CSP srl (Italy), CyBe Construction (Netherlands), Sika (Switzerland), MX3D (Netherlands), Contour Crafting (California ), ICON (Texas)

Get Free Sample Report PDF @:

Technical data sourcing we follow: We Used Some Premium Sites to gather data.

3D Printing Construction Material Perception 3D Printing Construction Material Primary Research 80% (interviews) 3D Printing Construction Material Secondary Research (20%)
OEMs Data Exchange
Supply side (production) 3D Printing Construction Material related Competitors 3D Printing Construction Material related Economical & demographic data
3D Printing Construction Material related Raw materials Suppliers & Producer 3D Printing Construction Material related Company Reports, & publication
3D Printing Construction Material related Specialist interview 3D Printing Construction Material related Government data / publication
3D Printing Construction Material related Independent investigation
3D Printing Construction Material related Middleman side (sales) 3D Printing Construction Material related Distributors 3D Printing Construction Material related Product Source
3D Printing Construction Material traders 3D Printing Construction Material Sales Data
3D Printing Construction Material related wholesalers 3D Printing Construction Material Custom Group
3D Printing Construction Material Product comparison
Demand side (consumption) END-users / Custom Surveys / interviews 3D Printing Construction Material related Custom data
Consumer Surveys 3D Printing Construction Material industry 3D Printing Construction Material Industry Data analysis
Shopping 3D Printing Construction Material related Case Studies
3D Printing Construction Material Reference Customers

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Note: Regional Breakdown & Sectional purchase Available We provide 3D Printing Construction Material Pie Charts Best Customize Reports as per Requirements.

Research Methodology for 3D Printing Construction Material industry:

3D Printing Construction Material Primary Research:

We interviewed various key sources of supply and demand in the course of the Primary Research to obtain qualitative and quantitative information related to 3D Printing Construction Material report. Main sources of supply include key industry members, subject matter experts from key companies, and consultants from many major firms and organizations working on the Global 3D Printing Construction Material Market.

3D Printing Construction Material Secondary Research:

3D Printing Construction Material Secondary Research was performed to obtain crucial information about the business supply chain, the company currency system, global corporate pools, and sector segmentation, with the lowest point, regional area, and technology-oriented perspectives. Secondary data were collected and analyzed to reach the total size of the 3D Printing Construction Material market which the first survey confirmed.

Furthermore, the years considered for the study are as follows:

3D Printing Construction Material industry Historical year – 2013-2019

3D Printing Construction Material industryBase year – 2020

3D Printing Construction Material industry Forecast period ** – 2021 to 2029

Some Key Research Questions & answers:

What Is impact of COVID 19 on Global 3D Printing Construction Material Market?

Before COVID 19 Global 3D Printing Construction Material Market Size Was XXX Million $ & After COVID 19 Excepted to Grow at a X% & XXX Million $.

Who are the Top Key Players in the Global 3D Printing Construction Material Market and what are their priorities, strategies & developments?

Lists of Competitors in Research is: Yingchuang Building Technique (China), XtreeE (France), Apis Cor (Russia), Monolite UK (UK), CSP srl (Italy), CyBe Construction (Netherlands), Sika (Switzerland), MX3D (Netherlands), Contour Crafting (California ), ICON (Texas)

What are the Types & Applications of the Global 3D Printing Construction Material Market?

Market segment by Type, the product can be split into – Concrete – Metal – Composite – Others (Foam, Plastic, Gypsum and Geopolymer) Market segment by Application, split into – Building – Infrastructure

Note: Please Share Your Budget on Call / Mail We will try to Reach your Requirement @ Phone: +1 (925) 478-7203 / Email:

Inquiry for Segment Purchase for 3D Printing Construction Material Report @

All percent shares, breaks, and classifications were determined using the secondary sources and confirmed through the primary sources. All parameters that may affect the market covered in this study have been extensively reviewed, researched through basic investigations, and analyzed to obtain final quantitative and qualitative data. This has been the study of key quantitative and qualitative insights through interviews with industry experts, including CEOs, vice presidents, directors and marketing executives, as well as annual and financial reports from top market participants.

Table of Content:

1 Report Summary

1.1 3D Printing Construction Material Research Scope

1.2 3D Printing Construction Material Key Market Segments

1.3 3D Printing Construction Material Target Player

1.4 3D Printing Construction Material Market Analysis by Types

1.5 3D Printing Construction Material Market by Applications

1.6 3D Printing Construction Material Learning Objectives

1.7 3D Printing Construction Material years considered

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2 Global Growth Trends

2.1 Global Global 3D Printing Construction Material Market Size

2.2 Trends of Global 3D Printing Construction Material Market Growth by Region

2.3 3D Printing Construction Material Corporate trends

3 Global 3D Printing Construction Material Market shares by key players

3.1 Global 3D Printing Construction Material Market Size by Manufacturer

3.2 Global 3D Printing Construction Material Market Key players Provide headquarters and local

3.3 3D Printing Construction Material Major Players Products / Solutions / Services

3.4 Enter the Barriers in the Global 3D Printing Construction Material Market

3.5 3D Printing Construction Material Mergers, acquisitions and expansion plans

Keep on going……………………………………..

Find more research reports on 3D Printing Construction Material Industry. By JC Market Research.

About Author:
JCMR global research and market intelligence consulting organization is uniquely positioned to not only identify growth opportunities but to also empower and inspire you to create visionary growth strategies for futures, enabled by our extraordinary depth and breadth of thought leadership, research, tools, events and experience that assist you for making goals into a reality. Our understanding of the interplay between industry convergence, Mega Trends, technologies and market trends provides our clients with new business models and expansion opportunities. We are focused on identifying the “Accurate Forecast” in every industry we cover so our clients can reap the benefits of being early market entrants and can accomplish their “Goals & Objectives”.

Contact Us:
Mark Baxter (Head of Business Development)
Phone: +1 (925) 478-7203

Connect with us at – LinkedIn

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France’s highest court bans controversial bird hunting techniques Fri, 06 Aug 2021 20:49:10 +0000

Published on:

France’s highest administrative court on Friday banned more traditional bird hunting techniques following the ban on glue hunting in June, in a decision hailed by environmental pressure groups but denounced by hunters.

Techniques banned in the new Council of State decision include popular practices in southwest France and the Ardennes region in the east of the country, such as hunting with nets or birdcages.

Its decision revokes exemptions granted by the government to allow the hunting of birds such as lapwing, golden plovers, larks, thrushes and blackbirds after a 2009 European directive that banned mass hunting of birds, regardless of their condition. species.

He said in his ruling that the government has failed to prove that such techniques are necessary and that “the mere idea of ​​preserving so-called ‘traditional’ methods is not enough to authorize them.”

The previous ruling by the State Council in June came after the EU Court of Justice said in March that the use of glue traps caused “irreparable damage” to captured thrushes and blackbirds.

Hunting techniques “from another age”

Campaigners say 150,000 birds die each year in France from non-selective hunting techniques such as glue traps and nets at a time when Europe’s bird population is plummeting.

The League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), one of the groups behind the complaint, said it was time for the government to formally ban practices that “come from another age.”

“While biodiversity is collapsing and with it bird populations, France has had to be hit with the wall by the threat of an exemplary condemnation by the Court of Justice of the EU”, declared its president Allain Bougrain-Dubourg.

The other NGO behind the complaint, One Voice, said 100,000 birds a year were killed due to exemptions prohibited in the judgment, not counting birds killed accidentally. “It’s a huge victory for the birds,” he said.

The National Federation of Hunters of France, however, said the decision was “devoid of any serious basis” and pledged to explore all other legal avenues.

“For us, traditional hunts are the very essence of our passion for hunting and will always be at the heart of the defense of our hunting practices”, declared its president Willy Schraen.


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Innovative surgical techniques performed by plastic surgeon Dr Robert W. Sheffield for patients in Santa Barbara Fri, 06 Aug 2021 13:20:32 +0000

“Dr. Sheffield, Life Member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery® (ABPS®), is Santa Barbara’s senior facial plastic surgeon and he and his team provide a unique perspective to patients in a comfortable professional environment.

Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery now offers the latest in facial plastic surgery solutions. The practice is open in Santa Barbara and patients can make an appointment. Facial plastic surgery consultations are done either in person, following CDC guidelines by meeting social distancing standards, or virtually.

Santa Barbara, California – Local anesthesia is considered a safe process when performing plastic surgery, especially for facial procedures. This method is preferred over general anesthesia because the patient is not kept on a ventilator and there is no need to paralyze him. The local anesthesia method requires fewer doses of medication and the effects dissolve after the plastic surgery procedure is completed. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital for any recovery.

Dr Sheffield uses local and tumescent anesthesia for facial procedures such as facelift, short scar lift, brow lift, rhinoplasty, liposuction and Santa Barbara eyelid surgery. After 40 years of plastic surgery, Dr Sheffield believes this process to be one of the safest methods of performing facial procedures. This facial procedure is preferred over general anesthesia because patients do not need to be kept on a ventilator or maintained for an extended period. This local anesthesia technique requires less medication and its effects wear off after the procedure is completed without lasting anesthetic effects. The patient does not need to stay in the clinic for prolonged recovery, and with little rest, patients can return to work.

According to Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, Head of Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery, “Our clinic has made a big change from full body procedures and now offers specialized facial surgery. We offer facial rejuvenation treatments such as short scar lift, face lift, neck lift, brow lift, liposuction, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery. At Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery, we use less invasive techniques for this procedure. People prefer the local anesthesia procedure because it is minimally invasive, cost effective, and provides rapid recovery. In addition, there is no need for an anesthesiologist as the whole process is done in our office.

The entire facial rejuvenation process is carried out while the patient is awake and a calculated amount of lidocaine solution is injected into the patient’s skin. The area is numbed to provide maximum relief during surgery. At Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery, the goal is to provide natural looking results using a personalized treatment plan.

“We use the technique of local anesthesia to make the process less invasive, complicated and much safer for our patients. Before performing facial surgery, we take patients’ height and weight and check their general health. We also check if they are allergic to any form of anesthesia before starting the facial procedure, ”he added.

Dr Sheffield and his staff strive to ensure that the patient experience is high and that patients are happy with their results, while remaining completely relaxed and calm throughout the procedure in a safe environment.

About Robert W. Sheffield, MD FACS – Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery

At the Dr Robert W. Sheffield Plastic Surgery Center, the plastic surgeon strives to ensure that patients come out satisfied and without any issues with the procedure. The philosophy is to make the process of plastic surgery under local anesthesia comfortable for the patients. His practice is known to provide innovative surgical solutions such as the use of local anesthesia for plastic surgery.

About Dr Robert Sheffield

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield is a third generation plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara. Dr Sheffield completed his medical studies at the University of Tennessee. In addition, he did his surgical internship in Los Angeles. Dr. Robert W. Sheffield’s residency training was conducted at the University of Florida. He practiced privately for several years in the North San Diego County area.

In addition, Dr Sheffield is the first surgeon to use innovative techniques for “complex reconstruction” procedures for the head and neck. He received his first advanced training in plastic surgery in Dallas, USA. Dr. Robert W. Sheffield is the founder of the “Annual Rhinoplasty Symposium”, “American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Life Member” and “American Society of Plastic Surgeons Life Member”.

Media contact
Company Name: Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery
Contact person: Robert W. Sheffield, MD
E-mail: Send an email
Call: (805) 318-3280
Address:601 E Rue Arrellaga # 101
City: Santa barbara
State: California
The country: United States

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Virat recalls asking Sachin for help to improve his technique Wed, 04 Aug 2021 18:28:20 +0000
IND vs ENG: Virat Kohli reveals asking Sachin Tendulkar for help after the disastrous Tour of England in 2014. He helped him play cricket without fear

IND vs ENG: The big reveal from Virat Kohli, says ‘I called Sachin Tendulkar to improve technique after the 2014 England tour’: Between lows and highs in England and Australia in 2014, Indian captain Virat Kohli enlisted the help of legendary Sachin Tendulkar, after which he became “absolutely fearless” against Mitchell Johnson.

It was just after a disastrous Tour of England in 2014 when Virat Kohli scored just 134 points in 10 innings averaging 13.50.

“I entered a bubble, I went to Bombay too, I called Sachin Tendulkar, I asked for his help, I said I wanted to play my game well, I want to understand what it is to score points at that level, my mindset was simple. I went home and thought to myself, listen, you can’t play the cricket test to show people that you can play in England, in Australia and do not go out ”, Virat Kohli told Sky Sports.

Also Read: IND vs ENG 1st Test: Joe Root Dominates Indian Bowlers With 50, Becomes England All-Time Top Scorer

Virat Kohli is currently leading the Indian squad in the five-game Test Series against England, which started here on Wednesday. “You know that playing at this level over a long period of time, you tend to go into a space where you get a little anxious, fearful, you want to prove to people how good you are in different conditions,” said Kohli.

IND against ENG: However, he returned to form on the Australian tour after that, racking up 692 races in the Test Series.

“To be honest, before this tour of Australia, I treated every overseas tour like an engineering exam, which I have to pass somehow and I have to show people that I can play. this level. “ recalled the maestro.

Also Read: IND vs ENG LIVE Score: Rishabh Pant 1, Virat Kohli 0, Kohli’s failure with DRS continues, Pant comes to the rescue

Virat Kohli also said that during this break he realized who was with him and who was not.

“There I realized that once you got down there was hardly anyone who came to help me, there was hardly anyone looking at me and saying listen to me, let’s work together and you know how to try to level your game, everyone was going right after me left, right and center ”, Kohli remembered.

“So I was like I was playing to prove to these people for a long time, why, I have nothing to do with them, they literally have nothing to contribute in my life”, he added.

IND against ENG: Kohli said the only option for him then was to keep working hard.

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“So I came home, I was a little depressed, the great thing that happened at this point was I realized who is with me, who is not, things were filtered out to such an extent that I became so relaxed when I got home I was just as well.

“I’ve hit rock bottom now, no one believes in me, everyone thinks I shouldn’t be playing the cricket test, so what can I do, I can just work hard like I can,” he elaborated.

IND against ENG: He said that during his training sessions he visualized how he would take on former Australian speedster Mitchell Johnson, who was then in his prime.

“I wasn’t going there to survive, and from the time I got home to touring Australia, I promise you I was visualizing every day, when I was training in the gym , that I was hitting Mitchell Johnson, I’m hitting these guys all over the park ”, said Virat Kohli.

For more updates on cricket and other sports, follow and Moneyball for IPL and ISL player salaries.

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