Detoxify exhaust gases from equipment manufacturing processes

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Credit score: Kanken Techno Co., Ltd

The manufacturing course of for electronics industries, corresponding to semiconductors, flat panel shows, and photo voltaic batteries, makes use of harmful poisonous and flammable gases, corresponding to silane gasoline and hydrogen gasoline. At present, to detoxify these harmful gases, a thermal oxidation response, wherein they’re heated to 1000? or extra and decomposed is principally used. For instance, like silane gasoline, which is usually used within the chemical vapor disposal course of (CVD) (1) for semiconductors, causes an explosive response when it comes into contact with air, after diluting focus with massive quantities of nitrogen gasoline. because the focus is beneath the decrease explosive restrict (2), it may be warmth handled and detoxified. Beforehand, the event of reactive furnace buildings was restricted to bettering the effectivity of the heating means and lowering the waste of vitality, corresponding to warmth dissipation, in order that the event of a drastic know-how to realize financial savings in vitality prices. vitality has turn into an enormous situation.

As a part of JST’s adaptable and seamless know-how switch program by means of Goal-Oriented R&D (A-STEP), the corporate’s growth for the detoxing of high-efficiency, low-energy hazardous gases has was entrusted to Kanken Techno Co. Ltd., primarily based on the analysis outcomes of Professor Takanori Ichiki of the Graduate Faculty of Engineering on the College of Tokyo.

The event group targeted on the truth that the decrease explosion restrict depends upon the stress of flammable gases and examined the stress situations at which the quantity of dilution gasoline may be lowered. By lowering the stress contained in the pipe from the pump outlet of the gadget manufacturing gear to the exhaust gasoline discount gadget, they created an atmosphere wherein the decrease explosion restrict was elevated and no chemical response was triggered. Furthermore, as a supply of warmth to decompose exhaust gases, they found the optimum situations for stably producing an arc plasma (3), which is often generated at atmospheric stress, in a state of lowered stress of about 0.1 to 10 kPa. On this method, they made it potential to hold out a detoxing remedy by thermally reacting the harmful gasoline with oxygen, utilizing the arc plasma warmth supply, inside a discount gadget. exhaust gases in a state of lowered stress. Since dilution with massive quantities of nitrogen gasoline is just not required with the CVD course of, the quantity of vitality required for exhaust gasoline remedy has been lowered by as much as 75% throughout gasoline remedy. silane.

The developed discount system may be merely utilized to exhaust gases containing flammable gases requiring dilution of nitrogen gasoline aside from silane gasoline by optimizing the processing situations, with out altering the construction of the gadget. This guarantees to seek out functions within the fabrication of gadgets utilizing hydrogen gasoline, corresponding to hydrogen remedy of silicon wafers, epitaxial development (4) and natural movie incineration (5).

A-STEP is a know-how switch help program whose purpose is to place the analysis outcomes of public analysis institutes into sensible functions as an vital know-how within the nationwide financial system, and thus to present one thing again to the society.


For detailed info see https: // /tt /FR /univ-ip /a step.html

(1) Chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

It’s a artificial course of for producing skinny movie supplies, and is a course of for depositing skinny movies on a substrate, supplying a supply gasoline containing structural skinny movie parts right into a reactor vessel, and making decomposing and inflicting a chemical response within the supply gasoline on a substrate wafer.

(2) Decrease explosion restrict (LEL)

When flammable gases or flammable liquids are blended with air or oxygen and there may be an ignition supply inside a selected gasoline focus vary, it causes an explosion. This focus vary known as the explosion vary, the decrease focus is the decrease explosion restrict, and the higher lateral restrict is the higher explosion restrict.

(3) Plasma arc

That is the plasma generated within the scenario the place, when vitality is discharged between two electrodes, the electrical present will increase and the voltage between the electrodes decreases. The temperature of electrons, ions and impartial gasoline atoms / molecules turns into virtually the identical. Arc plasma is characterised by the truth that the voltage is low voltage (10 to a number of tens of volts), and the present is a excessive present worth (100 to 1000 amps).

(4) Epitaxial development

This can be a thin-film crystal development know-how, and its form is created when the crystal development is carried out on a substrate crystal and when it grows in order to be organized consistent with the crystal floor of the bottom substrate. . This can be a know-how used when creating the floor of top of the range semiconductor wafers, and so on.

(5) Ash

This can be a course of wherein radicals and ions and so on. are irradiated on a resin floor, corresponding to a photosensitive resin, thereby vaporizing and decomposing the resin. Plasma, corresponding to oxygen gasoline or hydrogen gasoline, is used. It is usually known as ash remedy or stripping.

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