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Advertisers must partner with media, measurement and advertising technology companies to support the growth of advanced television. Their partnerships will lead to greater automation and better results that will drive more investment in advertising as linear television and digital video converge.

Interoperability is a great unifier

Kevin Lemberg, Head of Advertising Solutions Partnerships at Comcast Technology Solutions

“There has to be some kind of unification and some kind of common language and goals between the partners within a solution or a technology that we bring to the industry,” he said. “Partnerships are going to be very important to complete the technological offer and solutions for the industry so that we can move forward. “

Holistic view of the TV landscape

Jen Soch, Executive Director of Specialty Channels at WPP’s GroupM

“We’re really seeing an idea where we can be with an addressable and CTV part of the main video recommendation that goes into what we do with a client, and look at it in a more holistic way. ” she said. “I see a lot more interest in bringing it [addressable and CTV] very prominent and being a more important part of their overall game. “

Don’t devalue premium content

Kelly Abcarian, Executive Vice President of Measurement and Impact at NBCUniversal

“Interoperability between linear and digital without losing the value of premium content along the way is going to be so critical,” she said. “If we lose and swing the pendulum too far towards ‘audience only’, imagine that content is depreciated over the next few years and essentially creates a company whose value is placed solely on the audience… I can’t wait to working with the industry on how, as we try to equalize and become more interoperable, we don’t lose the value of premium content.

Addressable TV unlocks information

Kristine Bayles, VP of Advanced Advertising Sales at AMC Networks

Addressable television “allows us to gain insight into communication and deepen understanding of the industry,” she said. “We all know television is important, but CTV and VOD are just as important… Audiences are really fragmented now, and it’s not that fewer people are consuming, they are just consuming differently. We need to understand this and move forward with converging impressions. “

Automate workflows to save

Mark Marshall, President of Advertising and Partnerships at NBCUniversal

“Our goal on this [automated workflows] is to work with our partners on the agency side so that we can get rid of about 30% of the manual work that we do, ”he said. “How do I find different APIs? [application programming interfaces] and different ways of interacting, and removing some of the manual elements to allow us to go faster and hopefully improve customer margins.

Results require collaboration

Nicole Whitesel, Executive Vice President of Advanced Television and Customer Success at Publicis Media

“We need systems that collaborate – tools that communicate with each other, data that can break down those walls, identifiers that can be understood,” she said. “Better sharing of this data allows us to have conversations with our clients about the results and outcomes that make changes to their business and outcomes that change the way they decide the media mix. “

Self-programming becomes the norm

Vicky Fox, Planning Manager at OMD UK

“We went from a place where people were pretty married to a linear schedule,” she said. “Self-programming is going to be the norm for everyone. Anyone who turns on the television and watches either the menu of their connected television or their EPG [electronic programming guide] can see how much that has changed, as some of the linear calendars may take second place.

Technology “lifts all ships”

Richard Nunn, Vice President and General Manager, Advertiser Solutions at Comcast Technology Solutions

“By automating and understanding what worked and what didn’t work in real time across all channels, this should in principle mean better ROI on a fragmented channel basis.” “, did he declare. “They will drive this solution much more efficiently thanks to the technology. “

You watch “What’s next for advertisers?” Key changes that will move the industry forward, ”a Beet.TV leadership series presented by Comcast Technology Solutions. For more videos, please visit this page. To read the Comcast Technology Solutions article on these topics, please visit this link.

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Jon Watts who collaborated and reported on this series.

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