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Google Photos receives a new update and adds an improved “Memories” feature

Earlier this year in May, Google introduced a new feature called Memories to the Google Photos app. The recently added feature allows users to review photos from years past, favorite activities, and times spent with loved ones. Now, the tech giant is rolling out an update to Google Photos Memories.

Starting with the biggest change, Memories now offers video previews. While Google claims that video snippets intelligently select the most important part of the video, users now have the option to select, trim and save these video snippets.

Photos will now have a zoom effect applied, but this is different from full dynamic zoom on cinematic photos. It looks like Google will also add sibilant music to the user of certain clips. Then there’s the option to swipe up or down or navigate between memories in addition to the normal left and right tap navigation options.

The updated Google Photos app now allows users to combine multiple images into a “complete cinematic memory” that uses the dynamic 3D zoom of cinematic photos and plays instrumental music on top. The tech giant says it will introduce the ability to add instrumental music to other Memories next month.

Apart from that, a new collage editor will allow Android and iOS users to edit or drag and drop photos into a user-chosen layout and share them with their friends. If you’re a Google One subscriber or own a Pixel device, you’ll get additional features like HDR and Portrait Light. The recent Google Photos update also adds a new feature called “Style” which automatically applies graphic art to Memories.

Google Photos will now allow users to access “shared memories” from the app on any device running Android. Google says web and iOS will be supported in the near future.