Mike Tyson reveals secret technique that knocked out ‘most’ of his opponents


  • Mike Tyson details what makes his shots unique
  • Tyson says it’s his precision that got the job done most of the time
  • Some experts also give their opinion on his knockout power

Mike Tyson has revealed the untold truth behind his devastating punching power.

During his early years in the sport, Tyson dismantled almost everyone in front of him inside the ring, after recording 44 of his 50 victories by KO.

Many of Tyson’s former rivals thought they could find out, but only a few managed to stop “Iron Mike”.

Revealing his secret strategy that put his opponents face to face on the mat, Tyson explained that it wasn’t his power that got the job done.

Instead, the 54-year-old credited his timing and precision at the time.

“It wasn’t my punching power. It was precision, ”Tyson mentionned on ‘HotBoxin’ with Mike Tyson ‘earlier this year. “I was quick so I got the punches there before the big punchers came in.”

“[George] Foreman is a tough puncher, but he only beats you, ”he continued. “Slaps you in the shoulders, arms and kisses you.” But I am specific to hit you. Everywhere I hit you, there is a reason. Most of the time, I get the right results. Most of the time. The goal is for the guy not to see the punch. It’s the punches that knock you out.

Mike Tyson (right) – seen fighting in his prime in the mid-1990s – has said Jamie Foxx will star in a new TV series about his life. Photo: AFP / MIKE NELSON

While Tyson is sure it was his precision that made him unique, one of his longtime coaches – Billy White – has a different observation.

According to White, Tyson’s power is special, but it’s his Kobe Bryant-style “Mamba mentality” that puts him above the rest.

“The Kobe mentality (is like) the Cus strategy – day after day, every way, just getting better, different wording, same powerful message,” White said before Tyson vs. Jones. “At the end of the day, you take that Mamba mentality.”

“What does a mamba do?” He continued. “He just nods to avoid strikes, which is exactly what Mike [Tyson] Is. And then he hits with speed, power, and precision, and if you do that and use that Kobe mentality, it’s a perfect fit.

Renowned MMA Trainer and Head Coach of Tristar Gym Firas Zahabi, on the other hand, speculated that what the first Tyson had was something natural.

“Where does the power come from? Number one on the list is where your muscle is attached to the bone. It’s genetic, ”Zahabi said last year. “So Mike Tyson, he’s got a strong left hook, not because his coach taught him how to hit a left hook. He could have hit a left hook like that if he had had a poor coach.

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