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Pavan Duggal suggests immediate remedies for cyber fraud | Tech News

New Delhi: Dr. Pavan Duggal, a barrister at the Supreme Court of India and a pioneer in national campaigns on cybersecurity legislation, told reporters from Zee Media Group that everyone has the right to have illegal access to its data removed from the digital domain. . He was referring to old movies and pictures that surfaced on the internet after years in a targeted attempt to ruin his image.

He spoke at length about cyber fraud, misuse of data and possible urgent solutions. He used the example of a couple filming their private moments on their honeymoon and then disagreeing over the alleged misuse of the tape. He said such occurrences could result in a three-year prison sentence and a fine of Rs 5 lakh, adding that this type of crime can also be recorded over a period of seven years.

Duggal said that if someone is being abused or cheated online, they shouldn’t stay silent because speaking up could have long-term benefits. If a complaint is filed within 10 days instead of the initial 72 hours, 90% of the money lost in cyber fraud can be recovered. A large number of digital crimes have been reported in rural areas, where vulnerable elderly people and the digitally illiterate population have been victimized and lost their hard-earned money.

He said in his closing remarks that the media must be more alert to unconfirmed news and fraudulent manipulation of data.