Qorvo Launches World’s First iFEM Technology for Mesh, Mercku Partners with Aerial for Wi-Fi Detection and Plume IQ’s Latest

By Claus Hetting, CEO and President of Wi-Fi NOW

New Front End Modules (iFEM) from Qorvo Improve Performance and Reduce Time-to-Market for Wi-Fi Mesh 6

Responsible for the front-end module of last week Qorvo – a Wi-Fi partner NOW – has released two new 6 5 GHz Integrated Wi-Fi Front End Modules (iFEM) aimed at reducing the time-to-market for the development of home Wi-Fi 6 mesh systems. Qorvo claims that its new iFEM technology will increase Wi-Fi range by 30% while reducing PCB size by 30%. This leads to more compact form factors for home Wi-Fi mesh access points, the company says in its press release here.

The size reduction is the result of an industry first: the integration of filtering – Qorvo calls it its bandBoost ™ Bulk Acoustic Wave Filter (BAW) technology – with the PA (power amplifier) ​​and the LNA (low noise amplifier) ​​in one module. BandBoost ™ filtering technology allows users to benefit from Wi-Fi 6 mesh units that “broadcast on three different channels simultaneously,” Qorvo explains. Better Wi-Fi range and capacity is the result of better isolation between individual bands with bandBoost ™, the company explains.

Qorvo also says that “Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 Mesh is one of the fastest growing segments in the Wi-Fi 6 device landscape,” and they are right, of course. The new iFEM technology is expected to provide a significant boost to the Wi-Fi 6 mesh market – once the current silicon shortage is alleviated.

Wi-Fi 6 mesh experts Mercku partners with Aerial for Wi-Fi detection

Wi-Fi Mesh Experts Mercku – A NOW Wi-Fi Partner – Partners With Aerial Wi-Fi Detection Pioneers To Include Wi-Fi-Based Motion Detection Functionality In Service And Mesh Portfolio Mercku’s home Wi-Fi, Mercku said in May. 18 in a press release available here. The aerial detection solution can now be offered to Mercku’s ISP customers in conjunction with Mercku’s award-winning M6 AX (Wi-Fi 6 compatible) mesh system. Aerial – a pioneer in detection – says its “fundamental patents” laying the foundation for detection date back to 2010. Aerial, of Montreal, is also a long-standing partner of another Wi-Fi partner NOW, namely ON Semiconductor.

Many home broadband subscribers are getting closer to top speed every month, according to Plume IQ

Is it time for a broadband and Wi-Fi bandwidth upgrade? Well, if your subscription falls on the lower end of the scale – that is, for households with up to 49 Mbps of peak broadband speed – the prospect of needing an upgrade. In speed level is getting closer, says Plume IQ, the home broadband intelligence service offered by smart home platform provider Plume.

Plume IQ reports that about 45% of all households with internet speeds of up to 49 Mbps are approaching (within 10%) their maximum allotted speed each month. For higher speeds, reaching the 10% capacity limit is less common, according to Plume IQ. To subscribe to the monthly analyzes of the Plume IQ market, register here.

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