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Steps to Take When Buying Cryptocurrency

(STL.News) Cryptocurrency is a digital form of money and is transacted using cryptography. It does not depend on banks to carry out transactions. With crypto, money is held in digital wallets. Transactions are updated and recorded in these wallets for a currency holder to see.

There are different types of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and ripple, to name a few. Bitcoin is the most commonly traded form of currency. Investing in crypto requires an individual to be knowledgeable, keen, and patient.

You have to be able to understand certain things, including how to use cryptography, chart and how the market works if they want to make a profit. Without further ado, let’s discuss the steps to follow when buying crypto.

Choose where to buy

When buying crypto, you have to choose where you want to buy the currency from. The most common are brokers and crypto exchanges. Do your research and choose one of the two that you are comfortable with.

A cryptocurrency exchange is best for investors who are keen and enthusiastic. Most buyers and sellers meet and trade on a crypto exchange. The fees on these platforms are low compared to using a broker. There are different trade types on this platform as well as performance charts, all of which can confuse a beginner.

Some of the most used exchanges include Binance and Coinbase. Their purchase options are not complicated. As a new investor, avoid using these exchanges if you don’t know how everything works.

On the other hand, brokers make buying crypto simple and easy, although their fees are relatively high. Be careful when finding a broker that can help you buy currencies. While some are transparent and honest, some sell information to other brokerage firms.

Select a brokerage firm that does not have cryptocurrency restrictions. Some do not allow their customers to transfer cryptos from their accounts. Avoid such brokerages as it is safer to store your assets in a wallet than in an account.


After deciding where to buy crypto, the next step is to create an account. Most accounts require identity verification from their users, as this is a federal requirement. Verification also protects users from fraudsters.

Incomplete verification prevents you from making transactions. The verification process requires you to have a passport, ID card or passport.

A recent selfie upload is also required to ensure it matches the photo in the documents you submitted. See this link to learn more

Cash deposit

You must have money in your account to be able to buy cryptos. When setting up the account, you are free to link the account to that of your credit card or bank account.

However, if possible, avoid buying foreign currency with a debit card as you could end up in huge debt if this investment backfires. You can never be sure of market trends or crypto charts.

Also, debit card companies will charge a high interest rate. Cash advance fees are also mandatory if you decide to use your credit card to purchase cryptocurrency. Some even charge you 5% of the transaction amount.

It is more expensive to use a credit card compared to bank transactions. You may have delays depending on the funding method because you cannot immediately use the money deposited in the account. Some exchanges and brokerage firms also have these delays. You have to wait a while before buying a crypto.

Order cryptocurrency

You can finally place a currency order once you have money in your account. There are several varieties of currencies that you can choose from. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Tether, to name a few.

Once you have decided on the currency you want to buy, you mark its symbol and indicate the number of coins you want. It is essential that you know the symbols of all these coins if you want to be an advanced investor.

Some of these currencies, like BTC, have a high price due to their demand. Good brokers and exchanges allow you to buy chunks of the currency. It is wise to invest in more than one currency so that when the value of one drops, the other picks it up. This saves you from making a lot of losses.

Storage method

Avoid storing your assets in your account as this increases the risk of theft and hacking. You are likely to suffer losses from hackers if you are unable to access your account because you have lost or forgotten the codes.

Have a storage wallet that is not tied to your account or the internet to maximize security. This is unfortunately unlikely if you are buying from a broker as they do not allow investors to transfer their coin holdings from accounts.

There are different storage methods to choose from if you want to secure your investment. They include hot wallets, cold wallets, etc. Hot wallets are convenient and connected to the internet. However, they are not 100% secure because they are at risk of being hacked. Cold wallets are more secure and do not work over the internet. Click here to know more.


Cryptocurrency is the future. It continues to gain popularity as the days go by. It’s a great investment option, but only if you’re patient, knowledgeable, and understand how it works. You can also invest in crypto through exchange-traded funds or crypto-related companies.

Be careful enough not to share or lose the codes on your accounts or wallets. Work with brokerage firms that have been in the market longer, which means they are experienced and can guide you.