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This cyberattack could destroy the Internet. Here’s why, Technology News

A new “apocalyptic” cyberattack has the potential to wipe out the internet, putting NASA, televisions and Minecraft at risk.

Everything from NASA helicopters to Amazon to Google is now vulnerable to a sophisticated hacking attack, making the “apocalyptic” “worst” internet security breach for the computer industry.

The “worst” Internet security vulnerability has been discovered, with consequences for Amazon, NASA, Minecraft and smart TVs.

The flaw, which can allow hackers to take control of almost anything on the internet, has apparently made IT giants nervous.

According to the Seattle Times, employees at companies in Silicon Valley have worked through the night to keep their code secure.

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According to a Google employee, more than 500 engineers have worked overtime to ensure their software is up to date.

The security vulnerability known as log4j, according to Jen Easterly, director of cybersecurity in the United States, is “the most significant vulnerability I have seen in my decades of working.”

Log4j is a piece of code that powers large portions of the Internet.

It helps various software to record and track past activities.

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Cyber ​​security specialists have discovered that all hackers need to do is get the app to log a line of malicious code, and the program will execute it, giving them full control over entire servers.

Log4j is of great concern because it is one of the most used pieces of code on the internet.

It is a component of the Java programming language, which is used in almost all software.

Importantly, online giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle are affected, putting all other websites or businesses that depend on their services at risk.

This includes Minecraft, most smart TVs, and even NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter.

The weakness has been around for years, according to reports, and Iranian-backed hackers have attempted to use it to get into the Israeli government.

The US government has set a deadline to correct the problem for Christmas Eve, but even if it is set on time, hackers can already gain access to thousands of applications and services.

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