Virat recalls asking Sachin for help to improve his technique

IND vs ENG: Virat Kohli reveals asking Sachin Tendulkar for help after the disastrous Tour of England in 2014. He helped him play cricket without fear

IND vs ENG: The big reveal from Virat Kohli, says ‘I called Sachin Tendulkar to improve technique after the 2014 England tour’: Between lows and highs in England and Australia in 2014, Indian captain Virat Kohli enlisted the help of legendary Sachin Tendulkar, after which he became “absolutely fearless” against Mitchell Johnson.

It was just after a disastrous Tour of England in 2014 when Virat Kohli scored just 134 points in 10 innings averaging 13.50.

“I entered a bubble, I went to Bombay too, I called Sachin Tendulkar, I asked for his help, I said I wanted to play my game well, I want to understand what it is to score points at that level, my mindset was simple. I went home and thought to myself, listen, you can’t play the cricket test to show people that you can play in England, in Australia and do not go out ”, Virat Kohli told Sky Sports.

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Virat Kohli is currently leading the Indian squad in the five-game Test Series against England, which started here on Wednesday. “You know that playing at this level over a long period of time, you tend to go into a space where you get a little anxious, fearful, you want to prove to people how good you are in different conditions,” said Kohli.

IND against ENG: However, he returned to form on the Australian tour after that, racking up 692 races in the Test Series.

“To be honest, before this tour of Australia, I treated every overseas tour like an engineering exam, which I have to pass somehow and I have to show people that I can play. this level. “ recalled the maestro.

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Virat Kohli also said that during this break he realized who was with him and who was not.

“There I realized that once you got down there was hardly anyone who came to help me, there was hardly anyone looking at me and saying listen to me, let’s work together and you know how to try to level your game, everyone was going right after me left, right and center ”, Kohli remembered.

“So I was like I was playing to prove to these people for a long time, why, I have nothing to do with them, they literally have nothing to contribute in my life”, he added.

IND against ENG: Kohli said the only option for him then was to keep working hard.

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“So I came home, I was a little depressed, the great thing that happened at this point was I realized who is with me, who is not, things were filtered out to such an extent that I became so relaxed when I got home I was just as well.

“I’ve hit rock bottom now, no one believes in me, everyone thinks I shouldn’t be playing the cricket test, so what can I do, I can just work hard like I can,” he elaborated.

IND against ENG: He said that during his training sessions he visualized how he would take on former Australian speedster Mitchell Johnson, who was then in his prime.

“I wasn’t going there to survive, and from the time I got home to touring Australia, I promise you I was visualizing every day, when I was training in the gym , that I was hitting Mitchell Johnson, I’m hitting these guys all over the park ”, said Virat Kohli.

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