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Windows 11 File Explorer Could Soon Show Microsoft Ads

Microsoft is apparently gearing up to bring more in-house product announcements to its existing products. The next product to get the ad treatment could be Windows 11’s File Explorer, Windows Insiders suggest.

Twitter user Florian B (@flobo09) has now shared a Windows 11 File Manager screenshot showing an advertisement promoting Microsoft Editor. The screenshot is believed to be from the latest Windows Insider Dev Channel build that was released last week – build 22572.

Microsoft Editor is the company’s own proofreading and grammar correction tool, like Grammarly. A report from XDA Developers suggests that ads coming to Windows 11 could appear in places where they make sense. For example, the new Microsoft Editor ad only appears in the document folder.

However, this might still be a hated feature because although Windows 11 update is free, Windows continues to be a paid product for new users who get the operating system. Advertisements of any kind are rarely appreciated on the products you pay for.

These aren’t Microsoft’s first internal product announcements

Microsoft has been injecting ads into Windows for longer than you probably realize. Open the Windows’ Mail app and you’ll see prompts promoting the Outlook smartphone app. Microsoft Edge is forced on Windows users in several ways, while services like Microsoft Store and Teams are pinned to the taskbar by default.

Microsoft Office is another instance of paid software that advertises the company’s mobile apps.

It remains to be seen how many more ads will come to Windows 11 and if they will start to hamper the experience in the future.