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Certainly the factoring company Loan and Credit belongs to the group of renowned entities with whom it is worth cooperating. It is true that it has been on the market for only 1.5 years, but it operates under the wings and banner of the well-known and respected E-Money Bank.

FACTORIES – reliability under the bank’s safe wing

Loan and Credit practices a conscious and transparent business partnership, which is why it only offers explicit factoring , consisting in informing the contractor (the actual invoice payer) about the assignment of claims between the factor and the factor.

The opposite of this approach is silent factoring, but the lack of additional clear benefits and burdening the entire transaction with unnecessary risk that would have to be compensated by the invoice issuer (higher costs) make this form of factoring less popular.

Loan and Credit mainly provides factoring for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but also offers its services in the micro-enterprise sector (micro- factoring ).

Loan and Credit or fast factoring via the Internet


As part of the “Invoice at once” offer, targeted primarily at fast, single transactions, the maximum limit of the value of an invoice financed is PLN 30,000. PLN, while the lower threshold was not specified by the company. In the case of permanent cooperation (with a 30-day notice period), the upper limit may increase several times.

The entire financing process in online factoring takes place via the Internet, and after positive verification, the factorer receives the pre-determined amount, minus the regulatory fees due to the factor, to his bank account. This is the last element of the full procedure, which starts when you complete the online application and send your bank account statement for the past 6 months and a copy of your ID card.

Then provide details from the invoice for which you intend to receive financing . The next step is transferring the amount of PLN 1. for identity verification purposes, to the invoice indicated by Loan and Credit (this fee is refundable). After all, the transfer will appear on our account for about half an hour. Here’s how the factoring offered by Loan and Credit works – quickly and efficiently.

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