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PHP: Test task Share on Vkontakte

Test task ... Reveal Code

JavaScript: val Share on Vkontakte

Проверка из ajax ... Reveal Code

Java: md5 hash Share on Vkontakte

Method to get an md5 hash in Java ... Reveal Code

C#: Deep File Compare Share on Vkontakte

Comapre two files per byte ... Reveal Code

JavaScript: Trim, Left Trim, Right Trim Share on Vkontakte

Trimming in Javascript As php analog ... Reveal Code

PHP: Limit Words in a String Share on Vkontakte

If you wanted to do this effect quickly, you could just use the function substr(). However, the substr() function only limits the number of characters being displayed. The returned result would be an excerpt of text that may or may not have the ending word cut-off. ... Reveal Code

jQuery: Keyboard shortcut Share on Vkontakte

Using the keyboard shortcut to increase the value in the input field ... Reveal Code

C#: TryKeyedCollection Share on Vkontakte

A keyed collection that implements TryGetValue ... Reveal Code

C#: Serialize Helper Share on Vkontakte

Misc helper methods for deserializing and serializing objects. ... Reveal Code

C#: Enum Extensions Share on Vkontakte

Enum Extensions, method to extract Description attribute of an enum value. ... Reveal Code

C#: Trace Execution Time Extension Share on Vkontakte

Trace Execution Time Extension ... Reveal Code

C#: IDbCommand Extensions Share on Vkontakte

IDbCommand Extensions ... Reveal Code

C#: IDb Connection Extensions Share on Vkontakte

IDb Connection Extensions ... Reveal Code

C#: Enterprise Library Database Extensions Share on Vkontakte

Enterprise Library Database Extensions ... Reveal Code

C#: Readonly Dictionary Share on Vkontakte

A readonly dictionary implementation ... Reveal Code

HTML: HTML code for testing CSS styles Share on Vkontakte

HTML code for testing CSS styles. Usual used to test CSS styles in any WYSIWYG using CMS. ... Reveal Code